Mother in Law Wedding Day letter: 8 Templates

Writing a letter to your mother-in-law to communicate your affection and warmth toward her is a great way to create rapport while you’re easing into a new marriage. 

In the twenty-first century, having a strong bond with your mother-in-law is an amazing way to have a rewarding relationship with your husband as well as your mother-in-law herself.

Having a great mother-in-law can often be a blessing, and this letter can further the same. ➕

What to Write in a Mother In Law Wedding Letter 

It might be a task to ideate on what exactly to write in a mother-in-law’s wedding letter, and this is a given since it is a thoughtful piece of writing to express your sincere love and appreciation for her.✍️ We’ve got you covered on what to include in your letter! 

Follow all these tips📝 to write a letter on your special day to your mother-in-law.  

  • Note that the tone is an essential element of the letter, and it should be polite and formal. You can keep it simple and appreciative. 
  • Mention a few appreciative details in the letter.💌 Including these in your letter will help you build a lasting bond between yourself and your mother-in-law when she receives the letter. 
  • You can mention a few events that happened and outline these specific examples and how they left a mark on you. ❣️ 
  • Heartwarming learning experiences are a great thing to integrate into your letter. 
  • Keep the letter concise and to the point. ✉️ This will help you avoid any long and miscellaneous detailing and make the letter actionable. 
  • Close and open with warm salutations to ensure the letter has a strong introduction and a strong closing. ✔️

How to Write a Letter to Your Mother In Law on Your Wedding 

We hope those introductory points gave you some direction on what to include in the letter to your mother-in-law on your wedding day. Keep reading to further a few more insights and write a well-crafted letter. 


For a letter of this nature, tonality is very important. Remember to keep the letter polite and formal with actionable language that is appreciative and sincere. This is a letter to a family you are going to be part of. Thus, it is important to write the letter well. 

Strong detailing 

To keep the letter appreciative, detail it with some notable incidents or experiences you shared with your mother-in-law that helped you learn about her better and express your gratitude for her unwavering support in the family and your life. 

Keep it concise 

While detailing is important, too many paragraphs may deter the main point of the letter and take away the intricacies of it. Thus, it is important to keep the letter concise and lovely in the least words but most impactful way. 

Structure and format 

Structure and format in an appreciative letter are important. Do not keep the letter too long and difficult to read; rather, write it in such a way that makes it breezy and lovely to its best ability. Conduct a format check, proofread, and grammar check after writing the letter as well. 

Closing salutations 

Closing salutations are like the bow on top of the gift. They quickly collate the entire letter as one and form an impression on the receiver for days to come. In such a backdrop, it is important to close the letter in a sincere way. Include a formal but loving closing salutation as you close the letter. 

Template: 1

Mother in Law Wedding Day letter

Dear Mother in Law,

I consider myself very lucky for getting married to [mention husband’s name] and I feel that I am luckier to get such a beautiful mother-in-law. As I was introduced by [mention husband’s name] to you, I felt a strong connection with you that usually happens between a mother and daughter. 

I am quite amazed by seeing the bonding you have with your son and also the rest of the family members in the household. I think that it will be a great opportunity for me to learn family values from you. I am the only child in the family and I have been always pampered since my childhood days. I will be getting married on [mention the wedding date], I will be entering into a new role in a completely different environment with my husband and of course my in-laws.

Since I have met you and discovered you as a very understanding and adjusting person, you will definitely guide me in a positive direction.

I know [mention the husband’s name].since last [mention years\months] years/months as a lover and fiancée and now after the marriage, he will become my husband. I would be requiring your support and guidance to do my duties as a wife. 

I am really thankful to God as I am going to get married to [mention your husband’s name] who is a wonderful person. He is gentle, kindhearted, sober, and respectful towards the elderly and I believe that he has inherited this nature from you. 

I will try my best to be a dutiful wife and obedient daughter-in-law.  I am thankful for getting a wonderful family. 

With love and respect


[Daughter in law’s name] 

letter to mother in law on wedding day

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Template: 2

Mother in Law Wedding Day letter

My Dearest Mother In law,

You are really the one whom I was actually looking for in my life. I am going to be married to [mention your husband’s name] and so going to be daughter in law of [mention your husband’s surname] family; I will be in a completely new role and would be requiring a support to understand new things of life. 

I think it is you with who I can actually share my problems. After all, you will be my mother in law. You are the mother of the son whom I love the most and would want to do anything to please him. When I met you for the first time, it was not hard for me to get connected with you.

I found the mother in you. I did not find any difference between you and my mother who gave birth to me. You are affectionate, loving, and caring like my mother and never seem to be complaining about anything. You are more of a precious gift to me. What could I have asked for from God! He has fulfilled my expectations. I have a wonderful husband and an adorable mother-in-law.  

I must confess about myself that I am actually not a good cook. I could not learn many things in my father’s place. 

I had been staying on the hostel premises for some years and I had been depending on food whatever was given to me. So, I never learned to cook. I know that it will be a bit difficult for my husband to adjust to me. But I am confident that you will help me out in teaching me to make favorite recipes for [mention your husband’s name]. But I am quiet in washing clothes and I will not give any opportunity to complain about it.  

I would be requesting you to bear with me. I will learn things. I will improve and make everyone happy as a wife and daughter-in-law. 

From your loving Daughter in law,

[mention your name].

letter to mother in law on wedding day

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Template: 3

Mother in Law Wedding Day letter

Dearest Mother In Law,

As the wedding day is approaching, I am really getting very nervous, curious, excited, and puzzled. I am very much aware of the responsibilities that I would be given as a wife and as a daughter-in-law in a completely new house. Yet, I am quite young and would need the support of everyone in the new house.

I am in love with your son for the last [mention months/years] months/ years, he had also supported me in every point of life and has always advised me not to be anyone but me. It is [mention your son’s name] who had proposed to me first for the marriage because he found that I am the only person whom he could rely on and spent the rest of his life with. He even shared about how you have actually raised him with love and care and fulfilled his desires. 

He even informed me about how you will be taking care of me when I will be stepping into your house as a daughter-in-law. When I met you, I found that he was very much true to his words. You are the one whom I was looking for. As I am a woman from the 21st century, I find myself lucky to have a mother-in-law who has a modern approach and progressive thought toward life. 

Since I have been raised in a family with love and care and have been taught the values of honesty, sincerity, and dedication, I promise to bring these values to my new home.

I love and respect what you are and I promise to follow your advice as your daughter-in-law and support you in every step of life. 


Yours loving Daughter In Law,

[mention daughter in law’s name]

letter to mother in law on wedding day

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Template: 4

Mother in Law Wedding Day letter

My Dearest Mother In Law,

Before thanking God, I would like to thank you for accepting me as a bride of your family.  After my mother, you are the most important person in my life since you are going to be my mother-in-law. The moment I met you, my life actually changed. In fact, your son with whom I will be tying the knot in the church on [mention the wedding day] had assured me that you will always love me and care for me.

Before meeting your son, I was actually nervous about getting married to anyone. I was focused on my career and I just wanted to stay alone all my life.  Moreover, it was enough for me to what I have actually had. It is my mother, father, and younger brother. A small family bonded with love. I had asked for anything else from God. But it was your son who had completely changed my life.

He had helped me to see the world from a different perspective. It is your son, [mention your husband’s name] who had taught me the value of marriage. He had actually told me how I can actually grow in a marriage as a wife, as a daughter-in-law, and then as a mother of children. He indeed raised my expectations and helped me to see the dreams of starting a family with him. 

He even shared about how much he owes to you for teaching him the right values and principles of life. When I had met you on the day of my engagement with my future husband, I realized that you will be the best mother-in-law for me. 

From Your Loving Daughter In law,

[Mention your name]

letter to mother in law on wedding day

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Template: 5

Letter To Mother-In-Law Wedding Day

Dear mother,

I still feel it to be unbelievable that soon I am going to be your daughter-in-law, mother! It just feels like yesterday that [mention the name of your would-be-husband] introduced me to you and who would have known that you would accept me as soon as upon seeing.

To be honest, on the day of [mention the name of some festival like Christmas or Thanksgiving], I was really nervous that what will I be telling you on seeing, whether you will like me, whether you will be able to accept me as your daughter-in-law, but what I least expected is you liking me right on the first day.

As you have already seen, I am a bit introverted and socially awkward but then I never expected that you will understand me and be patient with me. You gave me time to open up, to talk freely with you and dad. I am not good at so many things but then you accepted me with all my imperfections and I am glad that such a great lady like you is going to be my mother-in-law. You are sweet, supportive, kind and so cheerful. I hope to learn a lot from you.

Soon, the waiting is going to come to an end and I will be officially your daughter-in-law. I promise to keep not just your son happy but I also promise to take care of you as well as dad.

I will make sure that I become the kind of daughter-in-law that you will be proud of and for that, I will do everything. All I want in return is for you to keep having your faith in me and loving me as you always did.

Love you,

[mention your name]

letter to mother-in-law wedding day

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Template: 6

Letter To Mother-In-Law On Wedding Day

Dear mother,

I am so excited mother that I will be your daughter-in-law, officially, right from today! You don’t know for how long I have waited for this day. I never imagined that I will be getting such a perfect family.

I have always thought that I can’t love anyone more than my parents and [mention the name of your would-be-husband] but then I met you guys and you were everything that I expected. A loving, caring, and supportive mother-in-law like you, who loves me as her own daughter is no less than my own mother. We had such fun times shopping together, going to movies whenever your son couldn’t make it, and we bonded so well.

When your son used to talk to me about you, back in our college days, I always used to think whether you will really like me. He loves you a lot and wanted me to win your heart and I prepared for it too [laughs] but what I didn’t know is that I wouldn’t have to do anything and you will always understand me so well.

You even supported me the time when [mention the name of your would-be-husband] and I was engaged in a massive fight and I was almost on the verge of leaving him. You stood by me always and never misunderstood me. You did not just make me understand and talked to him about me but you also handled the situation so well. I have to be the luckiest daughter-in-law in the whole world.

I hope that you will keep on loving me and supporting me like you always do and I too will be looking after the entire family and will always make you guys happy.

Love you mother,

[mention your name]

letter to mother-in-law on wedding day

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Template: 7

Emotional Letter To Mother-In-Law On Wedding Day

Dear mother,

I am glad I will be your daughter-in-law, mother. I keep looking forward to a happy married life and with [mention the name of your would-be-husband], and you I am sure that I will never be alone or ever feel sad.

I have never seen my parents. Like you know, losing my parents in a car accident when I was [mention the age], I had grown up in the care of my foster parents who couldn’t really accept me as their own daughter ever. I never believed that I will be getting so much love, that I will be lucky enough to meet your son, that my destiny will make me his wife someday.

I feared before meeting you, what will be your reaction upon seeing me and will you be able to love me and see me as your daughter but you always supported, admired, and cheered me for everything. You never made me realize that I am your son’s girlfriend; you are everything that I yearned for. It will be no less than an honor to be your daughter-in-law and I will be truly happy to look after you always.

I can’t even wait a few more minutes to start staying with you forever, to start my happy, blissful married life along with your son and you. I will not be letting you do anything and I will always make sure that you are taken care of well and looked after well.

Today, I promise that [mention the name of your would-be-husband] and I will never go away from you, ever.

Love you so much, mother,

[mention your name]

emotional letter to mother-in-law on wedding day

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Template: 8

Letter To Thank Mother-In-Law On Wedding Day

Dear mother,

I thank you from the very core of my heart mother for giving me such an amazing gift, the love of my life, your son to me. I truly thank you for raising him as an honest, compassionate, caring, and supportive man. I seriously cannot ask you for more.

He is an extraordinary person but then so is you, the lady with so much love, talent, and care. I don’t think I will ever be able to be like you, even if I try being like you, it’s impossible. I am truly fortunate that you are going to be my mother-in-law. Trust me mother, ever since I met you, I have admired you, and you have shown me what it’s to be like to be a strong yet heartwarming woman.

I have heard so much about you from your son that what you went through to raise him when he was a child, how hard was life back then when you and his father went for a mutual divorce. I can’t even imagine, but then I can understand you, being a woman and I truly appreciate that you trusted me with your son’s happiness and responsibility for a lifetime. Your kindness and simple nature inspire me every day to become a better person in life and I guess you have turned into my role model.

Again, I thank you for accepting me and allowing me to enter your loving small family. Without your constant guidance and support, it would not have been possible for us to come this far.

You have really played a significant role in my love life where from my boyfriend’s mother you turned into my own mother and starting from this day, I look forward to a happy married life with your son and you.

Love you,

[mention your name]

letter to thank mother-in-law on wedding day

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