Divorce Sympathy Letter Template

A divorce is usually a sad event. If a loved one or dear friend is going through a divorce, then it is your duty to stand beside them in these troubled times. A letter of sympathy may be written to the person for this purpose.

You may write this in an informal tone. You should mention how deeply sad you are after hearing the news. To write such a letter you may simply follow the letter templates written on the website below.

Letter Template: 1



[Mention recipient name]

Dear [name],

I heard the news of your divorce. It is difficult for you, but there will be better times ahead. I know it is a personal matter, but I am always there as a friend if you need to talk to someone. I know you will emerge from this situation with a new outlook on life and an improved yourself pretty well soon.

The next few months/years will be difficult for you. But don’t lose hope. You will get back to your normal life very soon. You will get what you deserve in life. Have faith in yourself and take care of yourself properly.

Please accept my sympathy in this difficult situation, and do let me know if there is anything I can do for you and your family.

With love,

[Sender Name]

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