Letter of inquiry of guarantee- Sample Template

[Sender’s name]

[Bank name]

[Job title]

[Address, zip code]




[Recipient’s name]

[Company name]

[Job title]

[Address, zip code]

Sub- Inquiry of guarantee.

Dear [recipient’s name],

I am [person’s name] and I am writing this letter on behalf of [bank name]. This letter is to inquire about [person’s name] who introduced [himself/herself] as an employee of your company. [Person’s name] has applied for a loan of [amount] and it is our job to know certain details about that person. So please provide us with the following details of [person’s name].

[State details you want to know about the person]

[Person’s name] has already submitted the important documents to us. We have gone through those documents, but as you know, we need to be sure about [him/her] and that is why we are approaching you to get the details of [him/her]. This will help us in the verification process. If your given information matches with [person’s name’s] information, we will accept [him/her] as a genuine person as your given information guarantees [his/her] genuineness.

Please provide us the details. We are expecting your response in [days] days. 

With thanks.

Yours sincerely,

 [Sender’s name].

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