Decline Training Offer Due to Unsatisfactory Terms Letter Template

If the terms of any training offer are not able to satisfy you properly, then you must want to decline this offer by writing your message through a letter. Now here it’s difficult to choose a proper format for this letter and also to select some relevant points which can easily express your subject.

Now to help you in this situation we have written some sample letters here. Now you can become comfortable while writing your letter with the help of these letters.

Letter Template: 1

Dear (Name of the person),

I am sorry to inform you that I cannot accept your training offer due to some unsatisfactory terms which are mentioned in the offer. The double deduction of the salary on the weekends is stated to which I felt objection second thing which I felt that there is no mode of conveyance to pick up and drop, the third thing is the long-stay backs after the office timings. I don’t think I can cope up with your institution with such obligations.

I hope you understand that I have my own reasons for rejection because I don’t think that it will be a good idea to start a job in an institution where your mind and your heart are never happy. I am sorry but I am really not satisfied with your offer despite having a huge name of your institution I cannot work with you. 

The institution in which I am currently working is suitable for me as I had already worked here for three years and hoping to continue with more years. I am so comfortable with their terms and conditions and also the understanding between me and this institution is really great.

You will find a suitable candidate who is in the need of this job and also so want to start their career as a fresher. It will definitely be a huge opportunity for them.

I hope that you can understand my reasons for rejecting your offer. I am sure that you will soon 

find the candidate who will be comfortable with your offer.



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