A Letter To Congratulate On New Business Opening

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Sub: Congratulate On New Business Opening

Dear [Name of recipient],

It gives me great pleasure to hear the new’s about your new business opening—a hearty congratulations to you. I hope you prosper in the business you have started and gained much more success you have wished in the coming days. I wish you all the luck for your upcoming venture.

It’s always a matter of pride when the person you have worked for long goes on to start something remarkable. You’ve certainly become an inspiration to the youth who are looking forward to start something of their own. Indeed it was your hard work and determination that led to your success in starting your own business. You will be happy to know that your business may catch the eyes of local merchants and citizens. You must be ready to cope for competition and also bring new ways of marketing to grab customer attention. I have faith in you that what you have started will bring you incredible success.

This business is just the start of the road; you need to put more efforts to set it up and continue giving the best efforts. I respect your efforts which you put for this company.

I expect to hear more such news from your side in future. Congratulations on your achievement once again.

Yours faithfully

(Name of the sender)

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