Employee Referral Letter: 4 Templates and Emails

Using this letter structure, you will be able to easily specify the requirements for the candidates for the organization. You will mention how management is ready to go for the selection process for the particular position.

To make it easier for the referral to find a suitable candidate for the organization, you must share the list of questions like the name of the referral, the relation of the referral with the candidate, and also the referred person’s skills. 

Letter Template: 1

Employee Referral Letter

Subject : Refer talented people for [job_title]

Hi everyone,

You already know that we are growing with great speed and thus we are requiring talented candidates with practical knowledge [mention technologies required].

Presently, we are looking for people who can fit to our requirements for [mention the job title]. In case you know someone who can fit to our requirements for [mention the position] as well as the work culture of our company, please do refer them to us.

To Make Your Reference Easy and Acceptable, Please Answer and Inform the Following:

  • Name of the referred person
  • How are you related or acquainted with the person?
  • Which position will the mentioned person fit into?
  • What are the referred person’s skills that can be beneficial for our company?
  • What in your opinion makes the referred indispensable for our company?

I am sure some of you have at least one person in your network that would be a great addition to our company!

Also, I would request you all to check our career page for the regular fresh job openings we generally have. Do visit our career page at [Mention the link]. If you ever have someone in mind you would like to refer, please don’t hesitate to do so.

If you have any questions about our referral process, please feel free to contact me  [Mention contact details].

Thank you all for your help!

[Your name]


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