Congratulation Letter on Getting Grant: 4 Templates

Template: 1

Grant Congratulations Letter

Date :

Sub: Approval of grant

Dear [Applicant],

It is to notify you that your grant application has been approved for [purpose of grant]. you are also notified to get accommodated with the following items related to the administration of your grant —

Payment Guidelines –

  1. An advanced payment of a sum of [amount] shall be deposited at the HR chamber of the office within [date] by [time] as a security deposit. 
  2. All new projects which will be undertaken must be taken charge of only after its entry into the company’s records which will be approved by the HR department.
  3. Strict Action shall be imposed in violation of any code of conduct of the company.

Instructions for document submission

  1. An initial report of acceptance of the project shall be forwarded to the HR cell, mentioning the estimated time, cost, and other requirements for pursuing the projects.
  2. After the completion of the project, full-end documentation has to be submitted at [email address] which will stay as a record for the company.

Heartiest congratulations to you on making it gracefully to the goal. You exercise a lot of potentials, seeing which company found you the best choice for the task. Your ideas and skills are vigilant and enlightening. Good luck with your journey ahead, wishing you a lot of success. Keep the zeal ignited and keep achieving all your goals.



(Name of Officer)


(Company Name) 

congratulation letter on getting grant

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