Complaint Letter to the Restaurant about Poor Service- Sample Template



[Name of Restaurant]

[Address of Restaurant]

City, state, zip-code

Subject: Complaint about Poor service

Dear Sir/Madam,

On (dd/mm/yr) we chose to have dinner in your restaurant as I heard the food served at your place is authentic and tasty, but to my surprise the service was pathetic.

We ordered the food and waited so long despite having less number of customers. Initially, we were supposed to get [name of dish ordered], but the starter didn’t come till the time we insisted for an hour, and we were upset. After telling the waiters several times finally we got the [name of dish] served to us, but for my shock, it was cold and tasteless. It was weekend, and we were in very high spirits to enjoy the day with friends and some of my family members, but because of the service along with food, everything got ruined.

The dinner served was also cold as they exchanged the orders of some other table to us and later replaced it, which made the food cold and tasteless. But the manager seemed ignorant about the whole episode, and I felt annoyed by this kind of negligence. Even my friends and family members were really unhappy about the entire episode. 

I am very disappointed with the service provided and hope that in future you will improve your standards.


[Your Name]

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