Break up Letter to Girlfriend: 4 Templates

Breaking up with a girlfriend can be a difficult and emotionally challenging experience. Whether the decision to end the relationship was mutual or one-sided, it’s important to approach the situation respectfully and honestly.

When breaking up with a girlfriend, it’s important to be clear about your reasons for ending the relationship. It’s natural to want to spare your partner’s feelings, but it’s also important to be truthful and direct. Avoiding the issue or giving mixed signals can only prolong the pain and confusion.

Template: 1

Emotional Break up Letter to Girlfriend

Dear “Name of your girlfriend”

We were together for a long time and I had some great moments with you. You were there with me in each of my decision, supporting me no matter what. Even the day [mention an incident] when I thought I won’t be able to make it, you were there encouraging me, motivating me, and assuring me that everything will be okay.

It’s still hard for me to believe that we have to break up, I thought we can work it, I even tried to convince you a hundred times that we are going to face it together and take care of it but you asked me to let go of you, to forget you, to move on in my life, which still feels unbelievable to me that you said it, you who found it to be impossible to live life without me.

Though I do know that my mother asked you to be this way, to stay away from me and it’s hard to change her mind, eventually she might have agreed [remember, this is just an example, write your reason, in your own words]. I know that would have taken some time, okay a lot more time, but I could have persuaded her.

I wish you could have waited, I wish you were still with me here at this moment; I wish I could see you for one last time. You don’t know how hard it will be to be on my own, I might start losing myself. I might give up on myself, my dreams, and my goals. You know how it is for me with my family.

But, it’s okay. I won’t stop you from living your life. You are free from me, from our memories and I wish you always live a happy life, never be sad. This is my last letter to you; I won’t be bothering you again.

Have a good life.


emotional break up letter to girlfriend

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Template: 2

Break up letter to gf

Dear “Name of your girlfriend”

After being together for [mention the no. of years], I can’t believe that I have to break up with you today. It was impossible for me to have said this to you in person but writing in words makes it far easier. 

I don’t know how the person whom I came to love and respect turned into a complete stranger in such a little time. I wish I could have stopped you from taking this job, I wish I would not have let you go to [mention the name of the place].

How could you do this to me? How did you change so much? How did you let someone else come so close to you? Giving him that place which once was mine? Really? [You can write some other reason, as this is just an example given]

You promised me that you will be with me forever, that you will be mine. We spent so many moments of happiness, laughing, and having a good time. You had always been my support, caring for me even in times when I was too lost in my own grief [mention some incident]. It was because of you that I could gain so much success in my professional life, that I could be the holder of such a successful business empire. 

Today, even though I have everything, I have lost that confidence. There is something that has broken inside me, which will never be whole again.

Letting you go, breaking up with you, I am also saying goodbye to things like faith, trust, and love, but then, yes, that will hardly matter to you.

I hope you have a good life.


break up letter to gf

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Template: 3

Apology Letter to Girlfriend After Breakup

Dear “Name of your girlfriend”

It’s only been some time since we have been apart from each other that I have already started to miss you. I am sorry sweetheart that I broke up with you in haste. Can you please forgive me? I know it’s impossible but can I see you someday and apologize to you for my past behavior?

You know how I have been always, taking decisions in a moment and more than often, taking wrong decisions, for which I had to suffer later. You were the most beautiful thing that happened to me in my life; who gave me the strength to do better each day, who loved and saw me the way I am, and who was always patient with me, no matter what the situation is and yet I pushed you away, lost you.

I know I tested your patience too much on countless occasions but can you please forgive me? I know I shouldn’t have done that to you, I know I shouldn’t have engaged [mention the reason for breakup].

I have not been able to live in peace even for a moment, ever since that day, ever since I broke up with you. I know it’s too late and I have lost you forever but can I expect your forgiveness? I know I can’t have you back which I so want, I know you won’t be giving me another chance but can you at least forgive me? I will be able to live a normal life again. I would request you consider it for the sake of those moments we spent together.

Please forgive me [mention her name]. I will be waiting for your response.


apology letter to girlfriend after breakup

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Template: 4

Asking girlfriend to break up letter

Dear “Name of your girlfriend”

How are you doing? I hope everything is going well back there in [mention the name of the place]. [Mention her name], I was thinking, can we break up? It’s been some time since we have not been in touch with each other. 

We thought we can make it work and before you left for [mention the name of the course which she is studying], I know I was the one who promised that even though we get weak, we are not going to give in, that we will stay in touch with each other and be like we used to but let’s face it now.

It’s been [mention the time period] that you have been busy in your life and I have been waiting for your reply. 

At first, you used to reply to me every [mention the number of days], but then it’s like, you stopped paying attention to all the letters. I know life gets busy, taking care of studies, your job. I know you need to reach your goals, but what about me? What about us? This relationship? It’s not going anywhere; honestly, I can’t do this anymore.

I am tired of all the waiting. Don’t worry, I am not blaming you for this failed relationship, it’s just that, you and, we will be better going our separate ways.

Maybe you have already moved on, you were waiting for me to get the hint, and maybe I was the one, holding onto it meaninglessly. Proper closure is important and required for me, so let’s break up.

I hope you achieve success and have a good life ahead.


asking girlfriend to break up letter

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