Database Administrator Appraisal Letter Template

The DBAs make sure that the data analysts and the other users can easily use databases to find the information that they need. But in order to be truly successful in this role, such an individual needs to have meticulous attention to detail and an effective problem-solving approach.

If you are in the mind to create a great appraisal letter for such an able employee working for your company then make sure to go through this sample letter of mine as referring to it you will be able to write yours with perfection.

Letter Template: 1

[Mention the name of the sender]

[Mention the Address of the sender]

[Mention the contact information of the sender]


[Mention the name of the recipient]

[Mention the address of the recipient]

[Mention the contact information of the recipient]

Subject- Letter of Appraisal to The Database Administrator

Dear [Mention the name of the Recipient]

The (mention the name of the company or organization) management team would like to thank you for your immense contribution in helping the company to achieve its goal. We have also received positive feedback and reviews from the members of your team.  

Your professionalism reflects in the countless hours that you put into the project to ensure it gets completed smoothly. 

We are thoroughly impressed by your work and the leadership qualities you showed in the time of need. The rest of the team looks up to your work and dedication.

We have appreciated your willingness to take on extra hours to cover for other staff. We still remember those days when only you and your team were there to work overnights. We are thrilled to have such a terrific group in our organization.  

We would also like to info you that your performance rating for the year (mention the time period) is (mention the rating).

The board of management of (mention the name of the company or organization) is happy to have you as a part of the team and look forward to your contribution towards the growth of the company and we have also decided to give you a bonus of (mention the bonus amount) as a reward.  

We hope that you will continue your work with the same dedication and meet all the challenges in the upcoming year. 

Wishing you all the very best in your career and hope to have you on our team till the last day of your service. 

With regards,

[Hand-Written Signature]


[Notary or witness if required].

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