Apology for Hurting Feelings: 7 Heartfelt Letter Sample

This letter structure will help you to apologize for hurting the feelings of your colleague. You can mention how regretful you are for not being able to control your emotions in the worst situations.

You realize it actually.  But you also feel honest to display your emotions.  You can request for forgetting the unpleasant incident and continuing with good terms as before. You can also appeal for forgiveness and also scheduling a meeting for resolving the differences.

In our daily routine, we used to commit mistakes at our workplace, home, school place, and college place. When these things happen, you should apologize and ask for forgiveness to control the situation and revive the relationship.

You can do it by asking this orally or by writing an apology letter. In a formal environment, a well content letter is worthy of writing. Here are a few sample e-mail letters to proceed with.

Letter Template: 1

To: email_id

Sub: Asking for the apology

Dear “Name”

I’m feeling sorry for yesterday. I am writing this letter for an apology for my ill behavior and attitude towards you. It doesn’t matter what was the situation I should have control over my anger and behavior. After reacting, I realized my mistakes and wanted to ask for sorry.

Though I wanted to be what I am actually. I can not have a fake attitude but I must tell you it was not my inner feeling about you. Whatever I did with you, was just a result of bad day and my personal tiredness. 

I believe that we can avoid this bad incident and will be remained as good colleagues. Please create a space for my apology in your heart and try to forgive me. If possible, please let me about your schedule when we can meet and resolve this matter.

I am hoping for your positive reply at soonest. Please feel free to contact me via phone or email. Once again, I’m sorry for the mess I created.


Name of Sender

apology for hurting feelings

Letter Template: 2

To: Email_id

Subject: asking for an apology

Dear “Name of the receiver.”

Let me start a letter that recapping all the incidents step by step that hurt you and stayed the last thing in my heart. 

Please consider this note for the last day’s incident in the cafeteria. I was very sorry for my wrong behavior yesterday. My intention was not to hurt you neither I wanted to embarrass you in the presence of your staff members. 

I want to assure you that I won’t repeat this again in the future. It was completely spontaneous and was not related to my feelings. I am passing through a tough time and my emotion was down.   

I accept that I was wrong in responding to you in ill words, I won’t use this kind of wording in the future. I am requesting you to meet at my place to have a cup of tea. It makes me feel low that we’re not in good relations.

With best wishes,

Name of Sender

apology for hurting feelings

Letter Template: 3

To: Receivers Name

Sub: Writing for an apology

It put me in a dilemma to write this letter.  How should I start to write for forgiveness? I know I should have accepted my mistake, but because of ego, I have lied to you. And provide you with a wrong picture of everything. I appreciate that you offered me a second chance to correct my things by trusting me.

Yet I didn’t tell you the truth and continued with my own crafted words. Now I am regretting what I could have protected.  May’s hearts are filled with your thoughts as I looked at you walk away in a sad mood.

I am not privileged to ask for one more chance but still asking for a chance to be a good person. I would like to remind you how we were in our early days. I am not like this as you are observing me. 

I am sorry for the pain I gave you. 

With love

Name of Sender

apology for hurting feelings

Letter Template: 4

Dear “Receivers Name”

I know you are very hurt by my insensitive comments made and trust me, those just came out in the heat of the moment. I didn’t intend to make a racial and insensitive comment about any nationality but It was just a verbal depiction of a funny video I saw some time ago. 

You are one the greatest person I know and your dedication is examplers, kindly forgive e for this and believe me that this would never be repeated in the future.

Kindly accepts my apologies.

Regards& Apologies 

Sender’s Name

apology for hurting feelings

Letter Template: 5

To: Receiver’s Name

Sub: Apology Letter for the ill behavior

I’m feeling sorry that I communicated in a very rough way and spoke so straight to you on the phone last week. As you know, I used to work late at night and have a problem receiving calls in the morning. I just got up when you rang my number and was not sure whether I was completely awake or not.

You are one of my friends, and I would not intentionally misbehave with you.  To avoid that incident and accept my apology and allow me to resolve this issue by taking you to dinner on Saturday. It’s been a long time since we did not have a good time together.

Looking for your response. 

With best


Sender’s Name

apology for hurting feelings

Letter Template: 6

To: Name of the receiver

Sub: asking for an apology 

Dear Mateo,

I want to let you know how guilty I am feeling for the incident that happened on Annie’s birthday. I want to abolish this misunderstanding over a meeting. Please try to understand; my behavior was not intentional. 

I thought you and your family were done with dinner and would move to your place. I can’t think to ignore you. It all happened just because of a huge number of guests.  I am feeling bad about the breakdown of the communication. 

In the future, I will keep my mind about all the events and invited guests.  

By the way, I would like to send you and your family a few gifts. Please accept it and hope our friendship will survive this kind of misunderstanding.

Best regard

Sender’s Name

apology for hurting feelings

Letter Template: 7

To: Name of the receiver

Sub: apology letter

Dear ______________,

I’m asking for an apology for last night. By mistake, I offended you with my comments.  I did not act to hurt you. After your departure, I realized my mistake and felt guilty. But trust me, it was all jokes to have fun, nothing else

I should care for your sensitive behavior and really couldn’t understand how serious it can be in the future. I cannot take my words back though I can swear to you that I meant no harm.

In the future, I won’t repeat this kind of stupidity. Please forgive me for the last time.

With best wishes 


Name of Receiver

apology for hurting feelings

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