Subject Lines for Resignation letter- 18 Samples Formats

When you resign from your job via email, it’s important to use a subject line that is very clear. That will help guarantee that your manager or supervisor opens your note. Everyone knows what it means, and well it might sound less harsh while making your intentions crystal clear. That is what I used and it worked better than expected as I was escorted out of the building right away.

Something like “Written” sounds too harsh, but I want to make it clear as well that from the outset, this is not a negotiable thing, but merely me making it clear that I am taking the steps to move on from this place of employment to my next opportunity. Something simple like “Resignation letter” works fine. You want to be clear about the content, just like any other email you send.

Here Are Some Subject Lines for Resignation Email:

  • Resignation Letter – [Your Name]
  • Resignation – [Your Name, Your Department]
  • Resignation Notice – [Your Name]
  • Notice of Resignation – [Your Name]
  • Resignation Announcement – [Your Name]
  • Letter of resignation
  • Resignation | Your name | Company name
  • Resigning as of Date- Your Name
  • Pending Resignation – Your Name
  • Retirement Announcement – Your Name
  • Retirement Announcement – Your Name | Company name
  • The intent of resignation | Your Name
  • My resignation | your Name
  • Resignation via email | Your name
  • Formal Resignation | Your name
  • Resignation Effective Immediately – Your Name
  • Private & Confidential | Your name
  • Resignation Date – Your Name

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