Red Letter Holidays: 4 Templates

Red-letter holidays are recognized to be important dates marked in the Western calendar that relates to the birth or martyr of any saint or any particular social celebration. It is the day when the people should pray or atone. 

These specific days are marked with red ink, which can be noticeable to the people. The four cultural occasions marked in the calendar as the red letter holidays are Christmas, and Boxing Day. Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Every occasion is celebrated in different ways. 

Letter Template: 1

Red Letter Holidays

Dear [ name of friend],

I am happy to receive the letter send by you on Christmas eve. I am thankful for sending me gifts on the occasion of Christmas for my children and office.

I know that I hold a special place in your heart. As I had sent you a card last week wishing Merry Christmas, I am writing this letter to wish you Happy Boxing day. I know that you celebrate Boxing day every year. I have seen your philanthropic attitude and I love to see you donating to the poor.

I believe that you know that this day of 26th December coincides with the Catholic holiday of St. Stephen’s day.  

Overall, it is a period of festivity when you will be enjoying your time with your family members and friends and teaching them right things of life.

 I would like to inform you that the trend of offering gifts and money to poor and needy dates back to the Middle age period. It is actually a European tradition. Still, the period of origin is unknown.

You are indeed doing pious job of donating money, clothes and food to the poor and jobless people on Boxing Day. 

I am proud to be associated with such a great person who always thinks for the benefits of the poor. As I know you ever since your childhood days, I have seen your entire family has always been inclined towards the upliftment of poor by offering financial assistance, education and job opportunity.

I believe that your family deserves to be applauded for the charitable tasks by the government of US. I am sure that you will get appropriate recognition.

I pray to God for further success in life. If you need any assistance from my end to help people then I will surely help you in your charitable activities not only on this day but whenever you feel the need!

I wish you Happy Boxing day and Happy New Year ahead!

With Love 


[ your name]

Red Letter Holidays

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Letter Template: 2

Red Letter Holidays

Respected Church Member,

Even though I [ your name] may not be the member of [ church name ], but I do visit this Church to attend prayer sessions during every Sunday.

Today, it is 24th November [ year], I would like to wish all of you to have wonderful Thanksgiving day.

With the blessings of Almighty, I feel myself elated to come over here to be part of the awesome prayers organized by the Ministry of the Church. I cannot explain how [ name of the church ] has helped me to remain in the path of God and have faith in him in the extreme conditions of life.

I would have been doomed if I had not come across this beautiful Church located in [ location].

Last year, I was jobless and struggling with every penny, I was almost on streets. I had lost all hopes of life. It was then on one fine morning last year during the period of fall, I came across this Church. As far as I remember, it was Sunday.

I came to the prayer hall and prayed to Holy Trinity and then I was listening to the testimonies laid down by different Church members and also attended to the lecture given by Father Rev [ name of father]. It had great impact on me. 

It changed the direction of my life. My spirits was raised to such an extent that I had gone for the interview and I got selected at first attempt. 

From that day onwards, I kept faith in God and kept coming to the Church and listen to the testimonies and verses from Holy Bible.

Maintaining faith in God is not so easy but [name of Church] had given me what I was not actually getting.

It was faith, courage and determination.  I am really thankful to Church members and also the Ministry of the Church.

I wish everyone a Happy ThanksGiving Day!

Best Wishes,

[Your Name]

Red Letter Holidays

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Letter Template: 3

Red Letter Holidays

Dear [ name of friend],

Wish you Happy Thanks Giving Day [ year]

I really feel proud to have you in my friend circle. You are someone very special to me. I could not have done anything if you had not stepped in to my life.

Often it comes to my mind that what I could have done without you. 

I am writing this letter on this holiday of ThanksGiving because I consider that it is perfect time to wish you thanks for the sacrifices you have done for me. For me, you are a blessing, an angel sent from God sitting in heaven high above!

In the fast and competitive era, it could have tough for me to take decisions on own and move on. If I had not been under your guidance, then I would have been doomed. 

I really had a tough time then. My dad had passed away at that point of time and there was no way to support my mother and younger brother. 

You always had stayed beside me in every thick and thin moment of life and helped me to go through trials and tribulations very smoothly. Really, your unconditional and consistent support has left me speechless. You have been with me in every laughter and tearful moments. 

I am really touched by whatever you have done for me. I am really a fortunate man to have a friend like you. 

This is the perfect day to be thankful towards you! I am sending you a gift pack through [name of Courier Company] whose transaction number is [transaction number].  I have attached the transaction details. 

Have a Happy Thanks Giving Day today and always! Enjoy this day to the fullest! This day is made for you! There are more good wishes and blessings to come for you as the season of festivity is almost knocking at the door!

I will always remember you for whatever you have done. Happy Thanks Giving Again!

Cordial Regards,

[Insert the Full Name of the Sender]

[Insert the contact details]

Red Letter Holidays

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Letter Template: 4

Red Letter Holidays

Dear [name of neighbor friend], 

Firstly I must wish you Happy Thanks Giving day [year]!  In fact, 24th of November every year is very important day for me. Almighty above guides me to be thankful and pay gratitude to the people who have been in your life in every trial and tribulation, ups and downs and sickness and health.

I am really blessed to have a wonderful neighbor like you since [time span] years.  You have really made my life filled with happiness and health the day you had come to this neighborhood and settled at [name of friend].

Otherwise, I did not have a good time over there.  I felt very bored and lonely. I did not have any friends. My husband and I are really happy to have a wonderful neighbor like you!

I have seen you taking care of my daughter when I am in the office. She keeps going to your house even at 10 pm night and you shower your unconditional love to her by offering ice cream and pudding. 

I am thankful for the support and strength that you offered during the time when my daughter was hospitalized due to acute sickness.

I saw the way you had taken care of my sick daughter and brought food for her. I was also not in a perfect mental state at that point of time and even mu husband had also lost his hope on god. But it was you and husband who comforted me and my family during the time of severe crisis of life. 

I really feel blessed to have a wonderful neighbor like you. I am writing this letter to take the initiative to invite you for dinner on this awesome Thanksgiving Day [year]. You must visit our house with your family members today and have dinner with us!

You must accept this request as a token of love and appreciation for your unconditional contribution in my life!

Happy Thanks Giving Day!

With Love and Regards


[Your name]

Red Letter Holidays

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