Recommendation Letter for Higher Studies: 5 Templates

When you apply for further studies 📚, a good recommendation from your employer can do wonders.

If you are working and you wish to apply for higher studies 🏫 with the support of the employer of your present company, go ahead and ask the authorities to draft a recommendation letter ✉️ for you. 

They can directly recommend you by writing 🖊️ a quality recommendation letter. How to go about this letter format? Follow ➡️ this page to further under the writing content and format of this recommendation letter.

What to Write in a Recommendation Letter From Employer For Higher Studies 

Are you wondering 🤔 about what sequence to follow while writing this? Or are you struggling with what to write ✍️ and what to put in the trash? Following these points will clear your shades of confusion! 

  • Introduce yourself with your full name 🪪 and job designation. Write the full name of your company and the exact position in the company. 
  • Clarify the intentions that lie behind this letter 📬. You should notify the reader that this is a recommendation letter for one of your employers. 
  • As you share this piece of information, write the full name and other details about the employee. This will help the reader 👁️‍🗨️ in identifying the person who is being recommended. 
  • Properly introduce your employer to the addressed recipient. Make an impressive 😊 introduction by writing interesting points. 
  • Mention his present position in your company 🏣, his past educational qualification, and scores of the competitive exam he has participated in. 
  • You should draw his career path under your supervision. From the beginning of his career path in your company till the latest condition, draw the graph 📈 of his growth. 
  • The next step 🪜 should be writing about his duties and tasks performed by him during his work hours in the company. 
  • Bring out his efficiency in the work 💼 assigned to him and connect this with his work ethic. 
  • You can smoothly jump 🦘 onto starting his qualities as an employee as well as a person. 
  • Comment on his teamwork qualities, communication skills 🎙️, diligence, determination, and other such positive character traits. 
  • You can also shed light 🕯️ on his future goals and persistence in achieving them. Share related instances for the same. 
  • Specify his want to complete his higher education 👩‍🎓 from this particular institution. 
  • Recommend him once again as a hardworking student and employee. Request the addressed authorities to permit him to join the educational program of his wish. 
  • End the letter with a positive 🌞 thank you. 

How to Write a Recommendation Letter From Employer For Higher Studies 

Understanding 🤓 the content of the letter won’t be sufficient. You also need to understand how to create a smooth flow in the letter. The tips in this section will assist you in refining 💫 your letter to its fullest extent. 

Recommend on practical grounds

You are recommending your employee 👩‍💼 in this letter. Make sure that your recommendation appears genuine without any tinge of fickleness. Sharing actual instances will make this recommendation of yours more practical 🌻. 

Connect his work achievements to his personal qualities

As you mention his efficiency in the workplace, you should 🔗 connect his achievements in the workplace to his personal qualities that are related. This will show the reader that his qualities are not made up; instead, they are real ✨ and earnest. 

A professional and formal approach

A recommendation letter is a formal 👔 letter sent to a reputed institution. Keeping this in mind, you inculcate a professional and formal approach in the tone 🗣️ of the letter. 

Template: 1

Recommendation Letter from the Employer for Higher Studies


The Head of Admissions Department,

The University of Birmingham,

Dear Sir/Ma’am, 

I am Catherine Joseph- Branch Manager – ST Machinery, Dallas. I would like to recommend one of the employees of our firm – Mr. Rob Simspson, for a place in the MS Mechanical Engineering course offered by the University of Birmingham.

Rob completed his B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Dallas, with a first-class score – of 76%, and then joined ST Machinery in 2015 as an intern. He completed the training successfully and has become Machine Production Supervisor in a very short period.

He is an honest and hard-working person and now aspires to complete a postgraduate course in mechanical engineering to boost his career prospects.

I have worked closely with Rob, and he was instrumental in helping our company exceed our turnover targets for the past two years in a row. He has excellent communication skills and is a proven team leader motivating his colleagues to excel.

His dream is to complete an MS course in the UK, and the University of Birmingham has been his first choice. I believe he will be the best-suited candidate for this course at your esteemed institute. 

I would like to recommend him for a place on the MS Mechanical Engineering course and wish him the best in his studies. 

Thanking you. 


Catherine Joseph, Manager – ST Machinery 

[email protected]


recommendation letter from employer for higher studies

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Template: 2

Recommendation Letter from Employer to University


The Head of Admissions Department,

Harvard Business School,

Dear Sir/Ma’am, 

Greetings from Sugar Tech! 

I am Bet Thomas – HR Manager – Sugar Tech. I am using this letter to recommend one of my most hard-working employees – Aman Perera a place in the MBA at Harvard Business School. 

Aman is a student at India’s prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He completed his B.Sc. in Business Management with excellent academic scores and joined Sugar Tech three years ago. Aman started as a management intern and has steadily progressed to work as a recruitment specialist at Sugar Tech. He has been instrumental in recruiting IT and non-IT professionals for the company’s branches in many countries worldwide. 

He is a team player and an extremely self-motivated person, always helping others and ensuring that the concerns raised by employees are addressed with care.

An excellent motivational speaker, He regularly conducts training sessions for employees on topics ranging from time management, email-writing, corporate etiquette, etc.

He aspires to complete an MBA from Harvard specializing in human resources management. His ambition is to start a recruitment services company catering to companies in Asia.

I would like to conclude by wishing him all the very best in his academic pursuits, and I hope he will get selected and study at the prestigious Harvard Business School. 

Please write to me in case of any queries or clarifications. 

Thanking you. 


Bet Thomas, 

HR Manager – Sugar Tech, 

[email protected]

recommendation letter from employer for higher studies

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Template: 3

Recommendation Letter for University from Employer


The Head of Admissions Department,

California Technical University,

Dear Sir/Ma’am, 

Greetings of the day! 

I am Rebecca, Branch Manager – TBC Chemicals. I am writing this letter to you to recommend one of my employees – Mr. Martin Joseph, a place in the MS in Analytical Chemistry course offered by California Technical University. 

Martin completed his BSc Chemistry course securing an overall percentage of 88%. He joined TBC Chemicals as a junior chemist trainee in July 2013. Since then, with his dedication and passion for work, he became a senior chemist in our production facility in San Fransico. Martin is intensely passionate about chemistry and is a great team player.

He has contributed directly to the increase in the annual production output of our factory. Martin is interested in developing natural substitutes for synthetic industrial chemicals and aspires to complete an MS in Analytical Chemistry at California Technical University and then progress to postgraduate research. 

I feel proud to have been associated with Martin and wish him all the very best in his academic pursuits.

Please feel free to contact me in case of any specific queries that you may have, and I once again recommend Martin for a place in the MS in Analytical Chemistry course offered by California Technical University. 

Warm regards, 


Branch Manager – TBC Chemicals 

recommendation letter from employer for higher studies

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Template: 4


The Head of Admissions Department,

California Business University,

Dear Sir/Ma’am, 

This is with regard to Miss. Julia Roberts, hoping to be a future student of MS Business Management at your prestigious institution, California Business University.

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Ms. Julia to you, as she has shown exemplary performance and a top-notch track record in all the 3 years that she spent at our company.

She has shown a very keen interest in learning more and sharing her knowledge with the rest of her colleagues. She has been at the forefront in all aspects of her work and has proved to be a value-added asset to our organization.

She has been a great sales representative for our company and has constantly brought in good business for us. She has headed the sales teams in our Bangalore office for the last year and has been a great motivational leader to her subordinates.

As a Sales Team leader, her combined sales have been one of the highest in recent years, and have always managed to overachieve the prescribed targets every month, ahead of schedule.

I wish to recommend Ms. Julia both on a professional and personal level and can vouch for her diligence, efficiency, and productivity. I feel proud to have been associated with her and wish her all the best in his academic pursuits. Her spirit and determination are capable of doing wonders.

I would like to recommend her for a place in the MS Business Management course and wish her the best in her studies. If you need to contact me for more information or queries, you can reach me at +91 7225689454.

Thanking you.


Operations Manager, Sunsilk LLC.

recommendation letter from employer for higher studies

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