Retail Trainer job Recommendation Letter Template

Do you need a recommendation letter for the post of Retail Trainer Job that your company is hiring? Falling short of the appropriate words to convey your message? Are you too swamped to take out the time to write a letter by yourself?

In our website, you can choose from multiple templates written by our proficient writers that shall help you in the task.

This letter shall have a formal tone and mention the many qualities of the candidate that make him or her suitable for the said job.

Template: 1

[Mention your Name]

[Mention Job Title]

[Mention the Company Name]

[Mention the Address, Zip Code]

[Mention Phone Number]

[Mention the Email]

[Mention the Date]

[Mention Addressee’s Name]

[Mention Job Title]

[Mention the Company Name]

[Mention Address, Zip Code]

[Mention the Phone]

[Mention the Email]

Subject- Recommendation Letter for Retail Trainer Job

Dear [mention addressee’s Name],

I am writing this letter to recommend you a person who is very intelligent and is perfect for the post of Retail Trainer Job (name of the person) who knows almost everything about this post and have an experience of about (mention the experience years). He is very good at his work and people respect him as well.

As you are in search of someone like this, I think you will be happy to meet him.

As he was my school friend in the school name (mention the company), since then he was very smart and active.

So I know a lot about him and recommend him for your company. He has experience in industries, has the ability to manage a full training cycle with excellent presentation skills.

He is good at motivating employees to achieve the sales quotas which are his plus point So without any second thought, I with full confidence can recommend him for this post here.

If you want any further details, you can contact me at my office number here (mention the company’s Number) as I will be there to help you clear all your queries or you can even send him an email directly at his email id (mention email id). 

Thank you


[Mention you’re Name].

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