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Subject: Recommendation letter for a colleague

Dear Sir/ Madam 

I highly recommend (him/ her) as a colleague to your company.

I have had the pleasure of working with such an efficient colleague like (him/ her) for the past (duration) years. (He/ She) is the best co-worker ever, I have found in my life. (He/ She) is a great asset for our company, who makes everything shine by (his/ her) work. 

(He/ She) is admired for being focused, diligent and approachable. He takes every project to heart, and never missed any deadline. Not only did (he/ she) did (his/her) work perfectly but also (he/ she) helps me, whenever I need it.

(He/ She) believes in positive motivation and treats other colleagues very pleasantly. (He/ She) has never become the subject of any other’s allegation. (He/ She) came across many challenges, but always tackled them head-on with (his/ her) ability. I want to describe (him/ her) as a dedicated and enthusiastic individual.

(He/ She) produces his/ her work with great initiative and a positive attitude. That’s why (he/she) comes under my heartfelt recommendation.

Thank you very much


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recommendation letter for colleague

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