Get Well Soon Letter to Someone Having a Flu

When you are writing a get well soon letter to someone having the flu, then you can write the letter in formal or informal patter.

If it is someone respectful person then you must write the letter informal pattern, or if it is someone close friend or relative then you can write in the informal pattern. We have some templates on this particular topic. Please have a look at it, it may help you to write your letter.

Template: 1

Dear (Name of the person),

I know that the last days of this week were so tough for you as you were having the flu. Yesterday when I came to class then I got to know about your severe condition and I got tensed about you.

I know that you are having so many problems because of a runny nose and sore throat which will soon be converted into a fever. My mother is a physician and to save you from getting a fever.

She has suggested me to tell you that you should take honey ginger herbal tea twice a day and consume a lot of lukewarm water as it will hydrate your throat and give you comfort. If you want then you can consult her personally.

it will be a better option for you to visit my home to meet my mother and she will tell you everything in detail with all the time table for your speedy recovery. you should not hesitate to visit anytime because I am every time available for you as your best friend.

If sometimes I was not at home then you should not worry because I have already told my mother to take care of you. she will prescribe you better medicines in keeping your past medical history in her mind. 

I hope that you will not rely on the hostel medical facilities because they will not treat you the way my mom can. you should also so not be dependent on the hostel food in this flu. You are always welcome at my place and I hope you will give me a chance to serve you in the best possible way we can.



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