Letter to My Son on His Wedding Day: 4 Templates

Template: 1

Letter to My Son on His Wedding Day

My Dearest Son [mention the name of the son], 

It has been over [mention the number of years] years that you came into our small family in form of a little infant. I just thought that whether I could be a good father to you. You became a source of inspiration for me and your mother. I just remember holding you; you were as light as a feather. You used to cry a lot as an infant and I had to sing a lullaby to make you sleep.

You had really given hard time with your mother with your naughty activities in your growing years. There was a time when you were simply unmanageable. We always planned to give you the best education and fulfill your dreams of whatever you had actually wanted to be.

Therefore, we got you admitted in the best kindergarten and enroll in the most reputed high school diploma school. You were the shining kid of the town and grew up to be a fabulous young boy and always delighted us with your excellent grades and creative skills in art and painting.

 It has been always a pride moment for us when you had actually won any medal for academics or any co-curricular activities and also won scholarships for higher studies. Today, we are congratulating you for finding a beautiful and best life partner and longing to see you getting wedded to her by expressing promises and vows on [mention the wedding date]. It will be a divine moment for both of us when we will be watching both of you exchanging the rings. 

Together you will make a lovely and beautiful couple. Trust in God and be prepared to go ahead in the next level of life as a loving husband, doting father, and many more responsibilities. As your father, I am very confident that you will be successful in every phase of life. 

Wish you Happy Married life!

With lots of love and hugs 


Yours Father 

letter to my son on his wedding day

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Template: 2

Letter to Son on Wedding Day

My Dearest Loving Son,

It is a matter of great excitement and also a responsibility to help you and counsel you to how to maintain happiness and peace in your married life. Dear [name of your son], you are right now on your [mention the age] th year of your life and getting married to girl of your dreams on [mention the wedding date]. I am feeling happy for it.

My blessings are always with you. It had been unforgettable moment for me and it is still fresh in my mind when you came into my arms for the first time just after your birth in the hospital nearly [ mention the number of years] years ago. I just thanked God for the moment as I had become your father. I also prayed to God for you so that you get best things in life. It was not so difficult for both of us to raise you.

You were always a peace-loving and sensitive kid and always adored Rocky, our pet dog. Today, he is no more but I think that he is also happy and sending good wishes for your wedding ceremony. 

I know that you will be an understanding and caring husband. I am confident that you will be able to manage the family budget easily. Whatever you do in your married life, never hide anything from your wife. Always discuss with her whatever you go through.

Confess first whenever you make any mistake and forget not to surprise her with different gifts of her choice. This is the way you will actually keep your wife happy and family life smoother.

These are the best things which you can actually do in your married life!

Congratulations once again for a Happy Married Life!

With Best Wishes and Love


Your Darling Dad

letter to son on wedding day

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Template: 3

Letter to Congratulate My Son on His Wedding Day

My Dearest Son [mention your son’s name],

I wish the best of things to happen in your married life with your life partner. After meeting our future daughter-in-law and your future wife, your mother and I think that there would not have been anything better than her. We are confident that she will always love you and take care of you throughout your life. As we had dined with her and her family members a few days ago, we found that they are really well mannered, well-spoken and decent.

 Dear [mention your son’s name], you actually deserve [mention your daughter-in-law’s name] who is from such a decent family. Apart from being highly educated, [mentions your daughter-in-law’s name] is also a great cook as you had informed me. I am sure that she will definitely cook your favorite recipes for you.

As the wedding day is approaching, your mother and I are eagerly waiting to see you dressed in the black suit designed and stitched by the best tailor in the town. You must thank your mother, especially for the wonderful shopping she did for dressing you as a bridegroom and buying jewelry and ring for our daughter-in-law. 

Ever since you were born, you were actually the source of happiness for both of us. We did try our best in raising you by helping you gain the best education and encouraging you to participate and win in various competitions in school and college. You had always made us proud and so you continue to do so. 

Be well prepared to face a lot of things ahead in the next adventure of your life!

Wishing you Happy Married Life!

  With Best Wishes and Love,


  Yours Dad

letter to congratulate my son on his wedding day

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Template: 4

Letter to Say how Much I Love Him on His Wedding Day

Dearest Son [mention the name of the son], 

Your wedding day will be a party time for me. I had been a party lover all throughout my life. Your wedding day will be a special moment for me. Congratulations on your engagement with a wonderful girl and a happy wedding day ahead.

As a dad, I think that [mentions your daughter-in-law’s name] has been the one made for you. She has already won our hearts with her great sense of humor and helping attitude, she will definitely keep you happy throughout her life. Moreover, I had always trusted on God’s plan and waited with patience for this great day. 

I just love life and happily accepted whatever was given to me by the Almighty. I never asked for anything extra. It was an unforgettable moment for me when I had taken you in my arms for the first time on the hospital premises. At that point in time, I felt that I was in the seventh heaven.

I could not stop my tears flowing down. You’re paternal and maternal grandparents were also rejoicing at the moment of your birth. Now they are blessing you from a heavenly abode for your wedding ceremony and so your mother is also quite excited about this occasion.

You must be grateful to your mother for the sacrifices she did in raising you. She had always fought for getting the best toys, best storybooks, and even the best education in the best school with me.  

I hope that you will respect and honor your wife and manage the expenditure in the same way I did in my married life. Besides, I am always there to counsel you for whatever challenges you will face in your married life. 

Congratulations on Your Married life and it’s really a party time for me!

With Best Wishes and Love 


Your Dad

letter to say how much I love him on his wedding day

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