Letter to Motivate Sales Team – 6 Convincing Templates

To increase the sales of the company it is very important to encourage your team of the salesperson with a proper reward system. If they are given lucrative offers if they complete their target they should end up in a better situation than other.

The sales team is the face of your product and hence it is very important for them to understand the product in and out. It is essential that you brainstorm about ways to increase sales and productivity. Keep in touch with them through letters, email and face to face meetings.

Letter to Motivate Sales Team

Letter to Motivate Sales Team Sample 1

Hello Grace,

Great job! We have had a huge accomplishment during the initial two quarters. I realize we can proceed with the upward ascension. Beginning this Tuesday, we will hold week after week methodology gatherings to design approaches to out-play out the Doe bunch in sales and administration – with the accentuation on administration.

We need our customers to leave the store content with the administration and items we give them. Great assistance consistently converts into more sales. 

It has been extraordinary to get rewards for surpassing sales objectives, and I need you to continue getting them. Keep in mind, the prior in the month we arrive at our objectives, the additional time stays for special reward cash. 

Mr. Phillipss


Letter to Motivate Sales Team Sample 2

Hello Sofia,

As you most likely are aware, one month from now is typically our moderate month for sales extensive. The local office has provoked us to think of an arrangement for boosting sales. Comprehending what a sales group I have behind me, I rushed to chip in our area of expertise to lead the charge.

Beginning the first of the month, we will present a “purchase two, get one free” offer in neighborhood papers. If it’s not too much trouble check your records on late customers to ensure they know about this energizing new offer. 

Considerably all the more energizing news is that the office with the best sales profile one month from now will be qualified to go to the Company’s yearly meeting in Honolulu. I would already be able to smell the suntan oil! This Friday I am setting up a seashore party/sales meeting in the staff room. I anticipate seeing you there, and to a fruitful sales battle. Salud! 

Best of Luck



Letter to Motivate Sales Team Sample 3

Hello Anna,

 With 2 week to go, we are $20,000 shy of our sales volume objective. Our normal week by week volume this month is $15,560. We have a test and an open door before us. What’s more, I realize that we are capable of. To arrive at our objective, every one of us needs to focus on a day by day singular sales volume of $560.

That adds up to one washer/dryer blend or one big screen T.V. a day for every salesperson. That speaks to one Doe Computer System for every week per salesperson. At the end of the day, $20,000 in volume is a truly reachable objective. 

To add a little zest to the test, I guarantee a $500.00 reward to the top salesperson, $250.00 to the one in the runner up, and supper to the whole sales power and your life partners – If we arrive at our objective. I realize you can do it. 

Wishing you a happy period of sales



Letter to Motivate Sales Team Sample 4

Hey Ron,

You may have just found out about the rivalry between our store and the chicago store for the long stretch of April. Whichever store sells more the manure during the month will go to a grill facilitated by the salespeople from the losing store. 

You realize that we have consistently been our greatest merchant; to encourage sales we are offering a free rake with each acquisition of five sacks or more. In the event that you have some other plans to help increase sales, it would be ideal if you carry them to our week after week sales meeting Monday morning so we can examine them. 

We value the difficult work and devotion that describes the entirety of the sales staff at Sams Feed and Seed and are certain that we can address this difficulty and out-play out the staff in Springfield. I can taste the grilled hamburger as of now! See you at 9:00 a.m. on Monday. 



Letter to Motivate Sales Team Sample 5

Hello Antonio,

I know we’re completely amped up for our new line of office furniture. How about we get out there and increase our piece of the overall industry! I’ve guaranteed the Board of Directors that we invite the test of expanding our sales by 25 percent. 

Tomorrow morning we’ll meet in the Conference Room for a brainstorming meeting at 8:00 a.m. It would be ideal if you accompany loads of thoughts. The Board has guaranteed me there will be prizes for us all who increase our sales by even 10%. All who meet the 25 percent objective will get an end of the week at the organization apartment suite at Lake Towhee. I’m relying on you to go out and get it going! 

Sales Manager


Letter to Motivate Sales Team Sample 6

Hello everybody. 

We are quick to hear your considerations on the most ideal approach to motivate everybody in the working environment to engage with our drive to be more vitality proficient. We would be exceptionally glad to give a portion of the investment funds we accomplish in diminished power costs back to you. 

Maybe a group rivalry with a free lunch to the triumphant group would rouse you. Or then again a BBQ lunch with an evening of grass bowls for everybody is more some tea. Or on the other hand, you may lean toward we made a major gift to your preferred cause. If it’s not too much trouble share your thoughts with us. 

Additionally, look at the opposition Ergon Energy is running at ergon.com.au/your-business under ‘Save money on your bill’ and ‘Inspiring your staff’. We have requested packs of stickers and banners to show around our work environment and Ergon Energy is parting with 5 smaller than expected iPads. 

We’ll hit you up when we have grouped every one of your thoughts so we can decide on a triumphant topic. 

Much obliged for your time. 


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