Suggestion For Marriage Letter Template

Are you in a situation when you want to suggest anyone for marriage? Here it is not a complex tax to give this suggestion of marriage with a letter, but you have to write the proper reason for your advice while writing this letter.

You have to include some effective words in your letter to convey that marriage is a part of life. Now, if you cannot complete your letter on your own, you can easily take help from our sample letters below.

Letter Template: 1


[Mention recipient name]

Dear daughter,

I hope you are fine and doing well. And hope you are doing good with your life. I want you to inform that we want you to get married now. Nowadays, society is too fast.

Every one your age is getting married; we know age is just a factor, but now you are well settled in your life, and we think it’s the right time for you to get married. You will get a partner for a lifetime who will be there with you in your tough times.

Marriage is not a burden; it’s a part of our life. And we think you are now fit for your marriage.

Hope you will understand and give thought to this. Be happy, my love; waiting for your reply.

With love,

Mom & Dad

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