Letter of condolence on the loss of a pet- Sample Template

Dear (Addressee name)

I am sorry for your loss. I know words do little to reduce the pain you are feeling now for such a lovely pet (name of the pet) passes away.

I can still remember the day when you took it into your house like an adopted child. I know how much love and care you gave to it and the unconditional love that you got from it. You were always there to give it food in time to time, to give it little ease from the hot scorching sun, and in the wintertime, you were so restless to give it warm under the arm of you. It was not your pet; it was your best friend. 

Death is the inevitable destiny of all. All the living beings are under the net of death, and there is no escape from it. So, my dear, try to accept this bitter truth. I know this truth is too hard to believe, but you have to love this hard. Death brags because it is triumphant over all earthly objects, but it cannot be a winner in front of your memory for (name of the pet). Death ends a life, not a relationship.

Regards and love

(Your name)



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