Sample Letter for Death in Family

Deaths are an inevitable part of our lives, we lose some people in our life who are an integral parts of our lives and it is very sad and the pain that we bear is not comparable and hence while writing mail to telling people about this loss make sure you put only your emotions in words and invite them for the prayer meet in church.

Death in family email And Letter sample

Death in family email Sample 1

Dear Uncle/Aunt,

We are really sorry to be the bearers of this sad news, but our grandfather Mr. Alan Cole passed away last Sunday, 12th Jan 2020 from the complications following his recent heart surgery. He had been experiencing chest pains for several weeks, after which he was advised to undergo heart surgery. The surgery was intended to alleviate his problems, but we believe god intended something else.

We know how close you were to grandpa and hence this brings tears in our eyes informing you about his demise. We know death is inevitable and everyone has to go someday or the other, but grandpa would pass away so suddenly, was unexpected by all.

We believe he is in a better place now and God will take care of his soul till eternity. We wish you the courage to move on after this news keeping in mind your relations with him. We all will miss him.

May God Bless you. With heartfelt sentiments and regards.

Nick Cole

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Death in family email Sample 2

Dear Family Member,

Mrs. Maggie Johnson, age 78, passed away in her Jefferson, Texas home on February 2, 2018 with her devoted daughter by her side. She is survived by her daughter, Amy Barnes, as well as children Candy Nessar and Peter Johnson. Maggie was born in Cleveland, Ohio on November 18, 1944. 

Her work history and struggle is respected in the family and her whole life has been an inspiration. She started working as a midwife before completing her nursing school. After moving from Cleveland to Jefferson in 1975, she cared for patients as an ER, ICU, and home-health nurse. 

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Death in family email Sample 3

Maggie will always be remembered amongst her family and friends for being caring, thoughtful, humorous, kind and compassionate. She has very unique interests and enjoyed admiring the beauty of nature at Botanical Gardens of Jefferson, attending evening shows at the Montana Theatre, and cooking her best recipes for whoever was lucky enough to know and love her.

She taught her children how to minimize their waste, and grow their own food and cook all kinds of delicacies from fresh ingredients right out of the backyard garden. 

Her burial has been planned to take place on Friday, February 3rd, from 3:30-4:30 in the afternoon at Saint Mary’s Funeral Home, Jefferson. A celebration of her life, a gathering with all the near and dear ones will take place in her favorite place, the Gardening Room at Botanical Gardens of Jefferson after the service from 4:30-6:30. 

Instead of flowers and casserole, please consider a donation to Habitat for Humanity or The National Hospice Foundation for the Elderly in her name.

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Death in family email Sample 4

Dear Team members,

We all know death exists. It’s the most inevitable truth of life. Yet it becomes painful for us to talk about it every time. All souls have a destiny, that is to depart from this world.

They come only to go. It’s hard for me to be announcing this news to all of you, but I believe it’s harder on the families who go through it. It’s said time heals the wounds but it takes more than that to recover from losses of death. Sometimes our being there helps more than we think. 

I’ve recently learned that John Simon’s wife, Mary Simon, passed away last night. She was involved in a very tragic car accident on the state highway.

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Death in family email Sample 5

Our hearts go out to our dear friend John, his kids and his family at this time. Mary was our favorite party thrower and a brilliant woman. She was always so welcoming and was such an awesome cook. Her professionalism in her catering business took her places. Informing all of you about this loss I request you all to please keep John in your thoughts as he goes through this tragic time. 

On speaking with John, he confirmed that he would like to open the funeral ceremony for his wife. Any friends and coworkers who would like to attend are welcome.

It has been decided that the funeral ceremony will be held at the Church of St. Sebastian on the corner of Dollar and Oak streets. It will take place at 10 a.m. on Saturday. All the employees who would like to support our friend John during this difficult time will be excused for coming late to work to attend the funeral.

May God bless the departed soul and give the grieving family the courage they need.


Nick Fury

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Death in family email Sample 6

Dear Mrs. and Mr. Miser,

Our family is deeply saddened to announce the demise of our son, Kim, who passed away last Sunday, April 24, 2019. As you all know, Kim was very passionate about climbing and was always seeking out new adventures. Last Saturday, he attempted a new feat and met a severe accident which required intensive medical care.

After fighting for twelve hours during multiple surgeries, his body couldn’t hold on any longer. We are really devastated by the loss of our loving, brave, beautiful boy, and ask that you all pray for us to have all the strength as we face this tragic grief.

Kim Jones was born April 9th, 1995, in Marfa, Texas. He is survived by his younger brother, Jamie, mother Rosy Tucker, and father Peter Jones. 

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Death in family email Sample 7

Our dear son Kim, touched the lives of so many around him and was a living example of strength and perseverance. He knew the price of living life on his own terms, and climbing led him to develop a very deep connection with nature and we all will miss his zest for nature and life—the way he stopped to marvel at every tree and smell every flower.

Kim’s super wide, goofy grin, those sparkling eyes, and that joyous laugh will forever be ingrained in everyone’s memories.

We hope you will join us for the celebration of his life at a private memorial service at Dendrick Street Community Center on Tuesday, April 26, 2019 at 3:00 PM. Following the service, we’ll be honoured to open our home to all the friends and family members to witness, in his honor, the planting of a pecan tree which happens to be the first kind of tree our loving son ever climbed. 

It would mean the world for dear Kim if the donations in his name may be made to American Wildlife Fund or National Alpine Club.

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