A Letter to Decline Resignation due to no Prior Notice

Dear (Name of the employee),

In reference to your resignation letter, I am really sorry to say to you that I can’t allow you to resign without any prior notice. you can’t resign in this manner. you have to give at least one-month prior notice for resignation. it is not suitable for your career to resign within 5 months of your joining. You should stick to your job. You have to face a lot of problems ahead in your career if you keep moving like this. 

I appointed you because I have seen many qualities in you. I have seen a positive attitude, patience, and confidence in you that you can easily handle the students of our school. I am really disappointed after knowing about your resignation letter. I have no regrets in telling you that I am not going to allow you to resign like this. You have to complete all your responsibilities which you have taken at the beginning of the session. I can’t let you go as the future of the students of the school are on your shoulders. 

I hope that you will understand the importance of this job and cooperate with the organization. I am not only worried about students but I am also worried about your career. I request you to stay at least for a few months so that you can understand the things in a better way and also you will get an experience letter after a few months. I hope you will understand my point and change your decision.



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