Rent Increase Decline Due to Floods Letter Template

A situation like floods makes the situation different from normal life. Then for this situation, if you have faced some problem of rent increase then you must want to decline it. Here you must have to write a letter to send your message in a proper format.

Now we are here to help you in this situation. We have already covered some sample letters regarding this topic, so now you are one step away to complete your letter. 

Letter Template: 1

Dear (Name of the landlord) sir,

I am a (name of the person) Student of the city University coming from a family that is in poverty. With the help of a small letter, I want to request that please don’t increase the rent for the apartment that I have hired from you. Last year because of floods my family suffered a lot and they lost their home.

sir, I am coming from a poor family and my family saved all the money for my studies but because of last year’s tragedy they have to rebuild our home and  I am not able to arrange money for my studies this year.

I had to find a job to continue my studies. I want you to please understand my problem and help me this year by not increasing the rent. 

I will be thankful to you for your whole life for your kind act. I know that you have done a lot for me and you took care of me every time I was in trouble. You are like a family to me here. I didn’t have the courage to talk to you about this problem face to face.

That’s why I am writing this letter to convey my message to you and to you to make you understand my family’s problem. Kindly please reply to me as soon as possible and I want to thank you for everything that you do for me. 

yours sincerely

(name of the person)

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