Branch Manager Bank Job Offer Letter Templates


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Dear Sir / Ma’am,

It is actually giving us a real pleasure to offer you the position of branch manager of [mention the bank name]. Your personality, knowledge, and analytical and managerial skills have given us a reason to offer you’re this responsibility. 

As you know that [mention the name of the bank] is [mention the years] old, we trust that you will maintain its reputation and make this bank grow further by offering customer-friendly services. On the day of joining, you need to submit the certificate or the report related to drug testing.

During the interview, you have already mentioned your long-term association with a banking organization as a professional executive. You did have remarkable career growth. 

You have indeed worked to achieve your objectives in every company. You had joined as a sales executive and then after that, you moved to become a sales manager and then finally you worked as the branch manager. 

You had indeed everything within a short period of time and so for this, you deserved to be applauded. As you will be appointed very soon once you submit all your documents and clear the training period of 15 days, you need to bring changes in the policies and services of this particular branch. 

 We do also expect to see you manage all the team members with excellent leadership and time management skills. You need to make a note of every employee about their day-to-day performance. You need to also monitor how your team members are interacting with the customers.

 You will be verifying how the employees are maintaining the quality parameters while speaking to the customers. You should not give the scope to any team member to commit any kind of anti-compliance activities. 

You must organize daily meetings with every department in the branch and make sure to maintain records on the virtual platform related to the performance of every employee. 

You have an excellent academic background and that includes your graduation/post-graduation degree from [mention the university name]. So, you have qualified to get a salary package of [mention the amount $].

 We do expect that you will find it feasible for your requirements at moment.

In case, if you have any queries then please let me know. If you are interested to go ahead with us then you must put your handwritten signature on the printed form of this offer letter and you can keep another copy with yourself. 

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,


(Handwritten signature of the sender)


(Designation in the company)

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