Librarian Introduction Letter Template

A new Librarian has joined your company recently. As the Human Resources Manager, it is part of your job to introduce them to the existing employees. To do so, a letter of introduction is to be written.

The tone of this letter should be formal. It would help if you mentioned the attributes of the candidate that make him suitable for the said job. On this website, you shall find all the necessary templates required for writing such a letter.

Letter Template: 1

[Write the name of the sender]

[Write the Address of the sender]

[Write the contact information of the sender]



[Write the name of the recipient]

[Write the address of the recipient]

[Write the contact information of the recipient]

Subject- Letter of introduction to the Librarian 

Dear [Write the name of the Recipient]

Hello to everybody! This is an official letter carrying the information about introducing our new librarian in the company. The [write the name of the company] is going to introduce Mr. [write the name of the librarian] in the company from the date of [write the date].

He is a power pack of knowledge and patience; you will gradually get to know more about him. We had asked him many questions related to his job application during the screening session, and we were amazed to see such wonderful answers to each question. He perfectly knows how to respect the seniors and maintain a professional atmosphere in the workspace.

We are proud enough to have him in the company. From the date of his joining, he will be managing the library and the matters related to the library. It is our humble request to all the employees in the company to contact him in case of any doubts or queries related to the library. 

Further, we hope this letter of introduction has conveyed the message to you all. It is your duty to maintain the decorum of the company and help your new associate to cope with the company’s policy, rules and regulations.

With regards,

[Hand-Written Signature]


[Name of the company with stamp].

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