Introduction Letter For Clinical Director

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Subject: Introducing the new Clinical Director

Dear (recipient’ name),

With immense pleasure and excitement, this letter is being written to introduce the new clinical director of [mention the name of the organization or company].

He is [mention the full name]. He has accepted to be a part of us and is expected to be amongst us by the next week. He is a sincere, humble, dependable person with years of experience in this field.

He will be planning and overseeing the administrative operations, programs, and patient care, assuming the responsibility of resourcing and budgeting, devising plans and strategies for the clinical department according to company standards for growth and excellence, assigning cases and creating schedules for the staff, coordinating and supervising them and providing valuable feedback.

The entire clinical department will be handled by him and he will see to it that like him the team also has a deep respect for policies and ethics. He will be ensuring the smooth running of the clinical department in order to achieve maximum performance.

In case you are looking for more details or have any questions, please feel free to reach me. If you want to connect with him about anything specific, you can reach him at [mention the contact no.] or you can mail him at [mention the email ID]. 

All of us are anxiously anticipating his arrival. We are confident that each one of you will share a great equation with him.

Have a great day ahead.

Thanking you


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