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A Congratulation Letter For Inauguration

Date :

Sub : Letter of congratulations for inauguration

Dear [Organization Name],

It is indeed a great pleasure to have our ex-collaborated personnel finding such an exposure and contributing significantly towards the development of the country. Congratulations on your new venture on the inauguration of [purpose of inauguration]. 

The purpose of your new venture, [elaborate the purpose] is a noble cause and we are so glad that you stood for the cause. It asks for great devotion and guts to begin such a revolution at such a great stage. Without thinking about any other obstacles, you were entire clearly and confident with your vision. Here you are setting a great example to the countrymen. You are a brave heart.

We expect to continue our relations as we had been holding since all the time back. Together we will go out fearlessly, supporting each other and towards the best for the country. There is no better honour than being the right asset for our country. Since the establishment of your previous company [name of company] you have been working relentlessly towards your vision and have been setting trademarks at every other step. This inauguration of the new venture is itself a calling of the incoming storm which will for sure set new milestone in the domain of [describe domain of the company].   

Here’s us wishing you lots of good luck, prosperity and fruitful results in future.   



(Name of Officer)


(Company Name)


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