Buying House Approval Letter Template

To confirm anyone or give the proper approval for buying a house you have to write a letter of approval for this purpose. Now while writing this letter you have to include all the details about the house and the benefits.

You have to also mention the rent amount, time of giving this rent, and also the other details. Now here it’s important to mention these points in a proper format. You can easily do it with the help of our below letters regarding this topic.

Letter Template: 1






Respected Sir/Madam,

We are glad to inform you that your request for a home loan from our bank [mention bank name] has been approved by our loan department office.  We are happy to inform you that, now you can buy your house. 

We have checked all the documents that you have submitted we verified all the documents and they are all verified so, we have decided to approve your loan. We gave you the documents, hoping you read it properly and our documents have a lot of rules and regulations. We hope you will abide by those rules and regulations.

Now you can do the process of buying your home because all the documents have been verified by us. Your issued loan date will be (mention date) and will provide you the money at the mentioned bank account. If you have any doubt please let me know. For further information, you can reach me anytime at (mention phone number) or through an email (mention email address). You can directly come to our office also.

Best wishes and congratulation from us for your new home.


[Sender name]

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