Financial Assistance Approval Letter Template

You may be in the responsible post in the office and you find the condition of the building is dilapidated and so you also observe how the wires are coming out of the switchboard and that is damaging the image of the company and so you have expressed your concern for it.

That’s what is described in the letter written by the employer who will be approving the financial assistance as per your request and advice you to budget it properly.

Letter Template: 1




[Company name]


Subject:  Approval Letter for Financial Assistance

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

As a manager [mention your name], would like to inform you that we received your request regarding financial assistance for the poor condition of the office infrastructure. Here you said that many of the walls in our office have deteriorated and many electric wires are sticking out of the switchboard. Many small things like this need to be changed. 

You need a large amount of budget to fix these things. So, we decided to approve your request for maintenance work. Our only request to you is that when the office maintenance work is going on, please supervise whether the work is going well or not. Because we know that no one can do this responsible job except you. Check the budget once before doing anything new.

 We are happy to see your concern for the office. 

Best of luck with your work and future


[Sender Name]

financial assistance approval letter

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