Robotics engineer Appointment Letter template


[Mention the name of the Recipient], 

[Mention the address], 

Sub: An Appointment Letter for the Role of Robotics engineer

Dear [Mention the name of the Recipient],

We are glad to extend to you an offer of employment with [mention the name of the organization] as Robotics engineer

 Your employment tenure as Robotics engineer starts from [Mention the date of joining].Your remuneration will be [Mention the compensation details] as discussed earlier.

There will be probation for a period of [Mention the period of probation]. 

Your job role as Robotics engineer primarily be

  • Conducting research for determining  the parameters of any robotic application
  • Designing robotic systems from beginning to the end
  • Developing and implementing software that will help in controling robots
  • Creating prototypes and working on important components 
  • Developing efficient and cost-effective processes for producing the machines
  • Performing integration quality control and test
  • Applying the machine learning techniques
  • Creating the complete documentation for the robotic systems
  • Monitoring the use of the robotic systems and optimizing their functionality
  • Troubleshooting defects in the design of a  robot 
  • Keeping abreast of advancements in robotics and the relevant fields of engineering

Read this appointment letter carefully, sign with date & return the duplicate copy of this letter to us as a token of your acceptance of the appointment.

With great pleasure and expectation we welcome you to the organization [Mention the name of the Organization] and hope to have a very successful relationship.

Yours Sincerely

[Mention the sender’s name]

[Mention the Designation], 

 [Mention the date]

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