Mobile Developer Appointment Letter Template

Your company is in the process of hiring a new candidate to fill a job vacancy for the post of Mobile Developer. As the HR manager at your company, it is part of your job to write an appointment letter to the new recruit.

You may start by congratulating the candidate on his selection. You should state the job responsibilities, pay package, and perks of the said job. If you need help in writing this letter simply follow the templates written below by our expert writers. I hope it shall help you in your quest.

Letter Template: 1


(Name of the sender)

(Address of the sender)


(Name of the recipient)

(Address of the recipient)


Dear Ma’am/Sir,

Subject: Appointment letter for the position of Mobile Developer

We are pleased to announce the confirmation of your appointment for the new position of Mobile Developer at (mention company name). We believe that your guidance and achievements would benefit the company’s growth. We are looking forward to your engagement in the affairs of the company and upcoming enriched value for the development of  (mention company name). 

As discussed earlier during the interview, the monthly basis salary for the appointed job position will begin from the joining date(mention date). For additional incentives, we will evaluate whether the assigned functional target and expectations have been met sincerely in due time. 

As per the guidelines, you will be majorly tasked with upholding the technical development of our company. Your job profile requires you to be well-versed with every aspect of a mobile application’s cycle, from creating, modifying to delivering. The candidate must be responsible for regular bug fixes. Enhanced performance might bring newer opportunities such as leading mobile app development projects.

Kindly confirm your agreement regarding the offer immediately. As a Mobile Developer, the span of your tenure will last for (mention date), from (mention date) until any further notice of contract renewal from the headquarters.

We hope for your cooperation with our faculty at (mention company name).


Yours sincerely 


(Hand-written signature of the sender)


(Designation in the Company)

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