Writing Goodbye Letter to a Lover – 6 Sample Formats

Saying goodbye to your lover is indeed a tough job and you must try to end things in the best possible way and keep things uncluttered between you two.

You must tell them what made you take this decision and how you dont intend to hurt them and you would try to keep in touch in the future. Tell them you had a good time together but the departure is the requirement of time.

Writing Goodbye Letter to a lover

Writing Goodbye Letter to a lover Sample 1 

Hello “Name”

I never figured I would not keep in touch with you. Unfortunately, the years we  have worked on our once flawless relationship and there is nothing left to the clutch. The way things are present, we are not, at this point a positive impact in each other’s life. We simply make each other miserable instead of happy and make life harder rather than easier. The time has come to call it stops and head out in our own direction. 

How frequently have we said we have had enough and never wanted to see each other again, just to kiss and makeup, at that point attempt again? All things considered, somebody has to be the one to say that’s it and I am doing it now. This time I am not returning. Inevitably, there will be things that mean such a great amount to the two of us that we should plunk down together and choose who gets what. On the off chance that we cannot do that amicably, at that point we should get lawyers to sift through it. 



Writing Goodbye Letter to a lover Sample 2


I realize that I was the one that recommended that we attempt once more to work things out and start over, however, I’ve finally realized something: we’re simply not into each other; we’re simply not compatible. I imagine that last night demonstrated that. Not that I’m blaming you for what happened. I guess that we just never were really meant to be together. So this time, instead of chasing after the happiness that we’re simply not going to discover together, how about we end things now before things deteriorate again. 

So I’m done this time. When you get this letter, I’ll already be no more. Please don’t attempt to contact me. I’ve made up my brain, and even your flattery, persuasive as it is, won’t make me change my psyche this time. I’m getting off this thrill ride for the last time. 

Whatever happens, I wish you well. You really merit the best that life has to offer you. Please realize that I do adore you, and a part of me always will. 

Take Care


Writing Goodbye Letter to a lover Sample 3

Hello “Name”

This is a letter that I never figured I would have to compose to  say that I am angry would be definitely an understatement, you have hurt me and this time I can’t keep calm.t. I come to it now without having had a lot of rest for a couple of days, yet with a clear realization of what I should say and do. 

A couple of days ago, I started to make a two-section list: your issues and mine. At that point, I realized that it was a waste of time. I came to the resolution that nobody is at fault. We are essentially two unique personalities who have attempted to make a relationship work and just couldn’t do it. This carries me to perhaps the hardest choice of my life- – I must proceed onward. 

I wish you well and I trust you will accept that this isn’t only a trite phrase. I have always wanted you to be happy, so please trust me now when I say that I wish you a great and satisfying life. 

Goodbye, my dear companion. 


Writing Goodbye Letter to a lover Sample 4


This letter is probably long past due, however, I put it off because I adored you, I wanted things to work out, and I would not like to hurt you. However, the opportunity has arrived. Our relationship simply isn’t working anymore. It is causing more pain than happiness for the two of us. 

There’s no point going over our issues; we both comprehend what they are. And we also both know all that we’ve done to attempt to work them out. And we have attempted, haven’t we? We had some really great talks about what expected to change, yet nothing did. We even looked for professional assistance yet, apparently, we were past that point already. 

I genuinely wish you the good luck and happiness in your life- – with your activity, with your family, and with finding another affection. 



Writing Goodbye Letter to a lover Sample 5


I have so many blended sentiments that I can hardly ponder where to start with regards to saying goodbye. 

And I shared many minutes with you, minutes that will remain in my heart perpetually, although I realize that what is our own has come here. I won’t deny that it harms, because a part of me is still where you are. Yet, I am also aware that things have changed gigantically and I will no longer power myself to constrain them. 

We have to take separate paths and on the off chance that one day we meet again, I plan to have the option to take a gander at them with affection and be seen similarly; because if some of the time we hurt each other, there were more occasions when we made each other happy. Days that would not change for anything on the planet, although today I want to cry and I continue pondering, what happened to us and how could we get to this point? I surmise these are answers that I will take a short time to find, or maybe I will never know. 



Writing Goodbye Letter to a lover Sample 6


Presently the finish of one of the most beautiful and painful stages of my life has come, yet I don’t lament having lived it with you. I don’t have the foggiest idea of what to anticipate tomorrow or in the event that I will ever meet somebody with whom I have to stay. Whatever happens, I wish you good luck and I can just disclose to you that I will recall you.

I’ve pondered this a great deal and I know in my heart that we will both be happier with others. I won’t be returning. We both need to proceed onward with our lives and discover relationships more qualified to our individual needs. 

Take good care of yourself

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