Goodbye Letter to A Narcissist: 4 Types Templates

Nothing can be more annoying than being in a relationship, be it of any kind, with a narcissist. Such people have a pretty high opinion about themselves and they often think that the entire world revolves around them, caring very little about others.

Even if you try to adjust, still a point comes when you need to accept the truth that it is absolutely impossible to be with them. So in order to help you frame the ideal goodbye letter for such a person, I have created a sample letter, referring to which you can write yours easily.

Template: 1

Goodbye Letter to A Narcissist

Dear [Insert the name of the receiver]

It has been [ insert the years of knowing the receiver] long years of war that had begun in between us; and this letter is to bid my goodbye to you, and end the raging war between us, in peace.

When we had met [ insert the years of knowing the receiver] years ago, we did have faith that this bond would last for a lifetime; but as time passed by, the amount of toxicity kept rapidly increasing in our life.

I adapted, I adjusted, I tolerated to the extent I could. I tried my best to make this work, but I’ve reached this point where I have started to forget the person I used to be before meeting you. I’m not blaming you; I understand that it isn’t your fault.

I, like any other human being, had fantasies and expectations about the bond we carried, but I apologize for forcing it upon you, to adapt you to the standards of my living. I’m sorry that this bond made me wear a face mask and be dishonest with you.

I believe that we’ve reached a point where we can no longer stand each other, and healthily work things; which is why I would be leaving to [ insert a destination] to continue my life, and move on from this chapter we shared.

I hope one day, you would be able to find someone who is perfect and right for you, and would give you all the way you deserve.

Take care of yourself,


[ Insert the Full Name of the Sender]

 [ Insert the contact details]

goodbye letter to narcissist

Template: 2

Goodbye Letter to A Narcissist


Dear [ mention the name ]

I still remember the day when I wrote you a love letter for the first time, the happiness and nervousness which I felt on that day was unforgettable. I know there are many good things in a relationship and there are bad things too which we always need to accept to be with that person we love but the question is until when?

It was my bad luck that I loved a person like you who always thinks about himself/herself. It’s not that I didn’t try my best to spend my entire life with you, in fact, I tried a lot but a time comes when the limit is crossed, tolerate all the red flags which that person showed and you cannot be with that person anymore similarly this happened to me. If I would have known that you are a narcissist but pretended to be a modest man/woman in front of me from the very first day, believe me, I would have not been in such a type of relationship.

I tolerated you for [ mention the year] and it’s a very long time because my love for you was real and I really wanted to be with you by ignoring all the red flags until I realized that I am with a type of person who only thinks he/she is better than everyone and doesn’t care about anybody’s life which is not my type. As it was all started by a letter so I wanted to end this by means of a letter only, that’s the reason behind writing this Goodbye letter to you.

Time flies. I never thought while writing the love letter for you for the first time that I will have to write a goodbye letter to you and now I am thinking why did I write such a beautiful love letter to a narcissist like you all you deserve is a goodbye not love. Our journey was meant to end like this and the way I accepted this fact hope you will do the same too. Goodbye, and Take care of yourself.


[ Mention the full name of the sender ]

goodbye letter to a narcissist

Template: 3

Goodbye Letter to A Narcissist


Dear [ mention the name ]

I never thought that a day like this would ever come where I have to write a goodbye letter to you. I always planned for our future together but writing a goodbye letter to you was unplanned and I am really shocked by this. 

Goodbye to all the times which we spent together and to the beautiful memories created by us. I never knew that I will have to face this day too which I really never wanted to see. But now I really want this relationship to be over and I want to be free from a narcissist like you.

I still remember when everyone in college used to say that he / she is not meant for you and your relationship will not last for a longer period of time and the way I used to defend our relationship has filled me with regrets. I wish I listened to them and never came in a relationship with you. 

Now I realized that you were never in love with me, you were always in love with yourself and cared less about me. I guess it’s never too late to make our mistakes correct, so today by writing this Goodbye letter to you I am making it correct. It was only me who put so much effort into this relationship because you were busy thinking about only yourself. Thank you so much for this life lesson and for making me realize my worth.

Honestly, saying goodbye to you is the best decision of my life and it’s so peaceful to write this letter. I should have done it away before instead of tolerating you. It’s far better to be a free bird and enjoy my life than to be with a narcissist like you who only made my life a worse one. Meeting you for the first time is a good part of my life but saying goodbye to you is the best part of my life. Goodbye and take care.

From [ mention the name of the sender]

goodbye letter to a narcissist

Template: 4

Goodbye Letter to A Narcissist


Dear[ mention the name 

It feels like a few days ago we met, spent time together and created beautiful memories, and tied a knot for spending our entire life with each other and all of sudden everything is ending. The person which I used to love is not the one who I am with right now. I couldn’t imagine my life with a narcissist like you but you pretended so well for [ mention the years ] that I actually wasted my [ mention the years] of my life on a person like you.

Actually, the fault is not yours,it’s totally mine because I was the one who gave you the chance to torture me and for tolerating a narcissist for so long. I deserve better and saying goodbye to you is the first step for the same. It’s my bad luck that I wasted my time, energy, love, efforts and care for a person like you who doesn’t have empathy for others as well as for me. I am not only saying goodbye to you but also to the worst life which you gave to me.

It’s not possible for me to go back in time and change this decision but all I can believe in one phrase is that you need to be with the bad ones to know what real good ones are like. You were someone with whom I wanted to spend my entire life and you are the one who filled my life with sadness that I will choke if I will stay a little longer with you.

You made my life a living hell which I never expected from you. Saying goodbye to you is really hard but when I think about the days you used to torture me makes it easier. I just pray to god to never give a narcissist to me ever again in my life.

The lessons which you taught me are unforgettable. And I hope you will change from a narcissist to a modest one. Goodbye and have a good life.

From [ mention the name of the sender]

goodbye letter to a narcissist

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