Work Experience Letter Sample: 5 Formats

A work experience letter is one of the most important documents which a company gives to any of its employees who is leaving. This letter is proof of work that a person does in a certain span of time.

This is a formal letter that usually contains information about various projects and also how is the attitude of the person with the team and how good/bad that person has proved to be an asset.

Usually, this document is the end of the journey for a certain person but maybe a reference letter can also accompany it.

Letter Template: 1

Work Experience Letter Sample

To whom so ever it may concern

Andria, who worked as a software development engineer, scale 2 has served in this organization named XYZ ltd from 12/12/2015 to 14/06/2018.

In the duration that she served here, she was found to be very passionate about her work. Her performance has been commended a lot of times ad she has proved to be a very useful asset to the organization. 

In her 2 and half year tenure, she leads a team of 5 people and has been competent enough to deliver projects on time.

To keep her updated she attended numerous seminars on cutting technology and also participated actively in CSR activities. We wish her all the best for the future.

Assistant Manager

work experience letter samples

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Letter Template: 2

Work Experience Letter Sample


To whom it may concern 

This is to inform and certifyMau to inform Mr. Stephen as a full-time worker with ‘the showcase Company California.

He was working as an ‘HR manager’ per the employee record, his tenure of employment with us was.was five years from 11 Jan 2012 to  12 February 2017. 

During his time with us, we land him a hardworking person with excellent communication. leadership, and management skills. He proved himself as an exceptional team player.’ throughout his job.

His friendly and candid personality changed the atmosphere of our HR department and increased the productivity of the department to a great extent.

In addition to his job description which mainly included management of all HR issues, he was always ready to take on other responsibilities as well. Over his employment period, He had supervised and managed many projects.

In addition, he had conducted many training programs and personal sessions that were not a part of his job description. On various occasions, he has helped many people from many different departments as well in the performance of their work. 

We find him to be a very responsible, dedicated, and dependable employee. We find great pleasure in providing this certificate to ascertain, his capabilities. And skills. We wish him the best of luck.

If you need any documents related to his employment with us, feel free to contact us. Regards, 

Joe Smith. 

4111 USA (513)543441

work experience letter samples

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Letter Template: 3

Work Experience Letter Sample

Tim Cook


This is to advise whomsoever it might concern and confirm that Tim Cook was filling in as a full-time worker with HCL Technologies as Operations Manager in the Operations Department from 03/2000 to 11/2018. 

During his business, we saw Tim as an expert, proficient, and result-situated with a hypothetical and viable comprehension of work necessities.

He has effectively finished many occupation-related preparing developers regulated by the preparation division of the organization.

He has an amicable, cordial character, a generally excellent comical inclination, and functions admirably as an individual or individual from a group as required by the administration. 

By and large, Tim Cook played out his obligations and duties brightly with scrupulousness consistently. With his excitement to work, learn, and progress, I am sure that he would make an extraordinary worker in any venture.

If you don’t mind don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on the off chance that you have explicit inquiries in regards to his business. For the benefit of the organization, I accept this open door to wish Tim all the very besting his future vocations tries.

Warm regards,


HCL Technologies


work experience letter samples

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Letter Template: 4

Work Experience Letter Template

Date: 6th January 2020


It is our pleasure to expound on Mr. Mark who has worked with SuperIT Info in the limit of Business Analyst for 3years and 7 Months [from 02/03/2015 to 06/10/2018]. 

During the previously mentioned residency of his work here, Mr.Mark stayed engaged with his work sincerely and genuineness. We discovered him dynamic and skillful in executing every appointed assignment.

He is expertly stable, persevering, and a committed and roused representative whose devotion to stepping up to the plate and commitment to the acknowledgment of authoritative objectives and targets has demonstrated support in the headway of our foundation over and again. 

Additionally, Mr. Mark’s direction during his stay with us is excellent. During his administration period, he has been discovered earnest, solid, reliable, amiable, lovely, and open to difficulties. He has a cheerful demeanor and can proficiently work in and lead a group. 

His choice to end his services with us is exclusively his very own and we want him to enjoy all that life has to offer in his future undertakings.


Rebecca Johnson

Managing Director

SuperIT Info

work experience letter samples

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Letter Template: 5

Proof of Work Experience Sample Letter

Date: 11/11/2019

Work Experience Certificate

To whomsoever, it may concern,

This is to verify that Jency Cane was working as a Graphic Designer with Galaxy Info-Services from 3rd March 2018 to 14th March 2019. She worked as a full-time employee with us and completed all the tasks with utter sincerity and dedication.

During her tenure, she has also worked on numerous projects and programs undertaken by our organizations. Also, she has completed various personality development training programs organized by the training team of our company.

Overall, she has a cheerful personality and is able to work well by understanding all the details required by a particular project or task. We are certain that she will prove to be a good employee for any organization.

You can contact us if you have any further queries or details related to her employment. We would like to wish Ms. Cane all the best for her future.

Andria Tuscan

Galaxy Info-services, 


work experience letter samples

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