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A Letter to Welcome Daughter-In-Law

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Sub: Letter to welcome daughter-in-law

Dear (Name of the Recipient),

We are very excited and happy to have the opportunity to welcome you as our loving daughter-in-law in our family. We really thank you for choosing or precious son (mention the name) as your life partner. We all are confident that you will give us various happy and beautiful moments to enjoy our new life. We are eagerly waiting to meet the true love of our son for the previous (mention time details) months. We are immensely grateful to your parents to bring you in this world to give us this precious happiness.

We give you our best wishes and blessings for your new life.

We know that we will love you as much as our son does, and we hope you will come to love us as well. We know you will soon feel like a member of the family. We want you to know will always be there for you in any difficulties or problems in life. We believe families are for to give love and happiness, and we will do our part.

Again we give you our lots of love and best wishes for your great future. We all want you to know that we are glad to have you in the family.

We wish for our better relationship in future.

With lots of love and best wishes,

(Hand-written Signature)


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