Mobile Developer Recommendation Letter templates

Letter Template: 1

[Mention sender’s name]

[Sender’s job title]

[Name of the company]

[Sender’s address with zip code]


[Email id]


[Mention recipient’s name]

[Recipient’s job title]

[Name of the company]

[Address with zip code]

[Phone number]

[Email id]

Subject – Recommendation letter for Mobile Developer

Respected [Enter recipient’s name],

I am very excited to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of [enter that person’s name]. We have worked together for [mention years] at [mention company name] and have known each other very well.

I have seen his work capacity and performance so I really admire his skills and abilities. I think he is the perfect person to work as a mobile developer in your company. He is capable of learning things quickly and adjusting according to the situation. 

 He has [mention years] of work experience as a [mention post] at [mention company name]. He holds a degree in [mention the degree] for working as a mobile developer.

Additionally, he has a complimentary degree in [mention additional degree] to support his career as a mobile developer.

He can perform well in stressful conditions and has excellent teamwork ability. His determination and dedication are also notable in his work process. 

You can have faith in my choice and hire him as a mobile developer in your company. I have seen the progress of the company [mention company name] he was working with previously and also have seen his growth and expertise. I am sure that he will also help and dedicate himself to the growth of your company.

To know more details about him you can contact me at my office [mention contact number] or call or mail him directly on [mention phone number and email id] to have a chat. I am sure my recommendation will help you to hire the right person. 

Thank you,

Yours faithfully, 

[Mention sender’s name]

recommendation letter for mobile developer

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