A Love Letter for Boyfriend on Long Distance Relationship

Many couples are in a long distance relationship, and it’s tough to be in one. The couple might not be able to see other for years, but their bond remains strong ever after.


Dear Boyfriend,

I know we don’t meet very often. We can’t. The distance between us doesn’t allow us to. I know I can’t call you in the middle of the night outside my balcony to have a glimpse of you because you won’t come. It breaks my heart that I cannot invite you for a mini date. I can’t throw tantrums at you for silly little things.

We can’t hold hands when we want to, hug each other when we wish to or kiss each other when we need to. We can’t be there for each other on every birthday or anniversary. Sometimes we have to celebrate them alone.

Sometimes I sit in your favourite places and eat your favourite things. Alone. It breaks my heart to say that most of the times I stay alone at home. There’s no shoulder to cry upon. Please come back to me. Sometimes I delete unsent texts and emails in my ‘draft’ folder. There are days when I break down in the phone call as well, but I try to not let you know. Many times I don’t say I miss you that much, to keep you healthy. I don’t say you all these because I cannot afford to break you down as well.

Yours Ever and Forever…

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