A Love Letter For Boyfriend Describing His Cuteness

Love is like when you see a fog in the morning when you wake up before the sun comes out. It is so abstract that it can only be felt and merely be expressed correctly. People take time, sit and analyze, calm and composed, then try penning it down in letters, love letters.

A Love Letter For Boyfriend Describing His Cuteness

Dear “the name of your love”,

We have known each other for quite a long time before we have been together. They were lots of hurdles for us in coming into this relationship as well. But I think that has remained constant all through is your admiration to me. I admire you a lot. You are so good at heart and so adorable, the other way. God has blessed you beautiful eyelashes, beautiful eyes where I feel like drowning, individual hairs, and a face full of innocence. We girls do notice those little things, and my boyfriend is honestly the cutest.

It has been a long journey with you, but even today, I fall for your cuteness and innocence more and more every day. You are so unbearably adorable, partner. When you get angry, the cuteness on your face, the integrity, and cute smile when you’re jumping in joy, and that cuteness in your face when you blush are priceless for me. I want your innocence never to fade away; however, you grow up.

I find you a little kid, my little kid, and I’m your mom. I want to take care of you as if you’re my little kid. That is the I call my lovely piece of pumpkin. It’s hard to find that soft, cute, and innocent person hidden behind the strong beast look you hold. 


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