Letter to My Brother on His Wedding Day: 4 Templates

Template: 1

Letter to My Brother on His Wedding Day

Hey bro,

I can’t believe my baby little brother is getting married today. Congratulations idiot! Finally, we got the girl who will be able to tolerate you all her life. Soon you guys will be starting this beautiful journey called marriage and I wish nothing but the best for you.

It still feels so unbelievable that [mention the name of your brother’s would-be-wife] agreed to marry you. She is such a smart, beautiful, kind-hearted, and clever girl, while you are an absolute dumb, who still finds it hard to get his clothes out of the wardrobe, who still whines in front of mom when he wants something big or wants them to agree to something. I hope you realize how lucky you are to have her in your life.

Make sure to take care of her the entire lifetime, see to it that she never feels upset or cries because of you, or else I am going to be there and will give you an earful right in front of your wife. Promise to me that you will always be good to her, no matter what.

I wish I could attend your wedding but you know [mention the name of your husband]. He’s been quite busy lately, handling things and having a hard time managing his new project, and your nephew or niece is giving me all sorts of troubles. She is due on [mention the date]. Nevertheless, I wish you two again, a very happy married life. Hope you guys be together forever.

Love you loads idiot,

[mention your name]

letter to my brother on his wedding day

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Template: 2

Heartwarming Letter to Brother on Wedding Day

To my dearest brother,

Congratulations! Today is the day; my [mention some nickname] is going to start a new phase of his life. I hope you and [mention your brother’s would-be wife’s name] both live happily and create a beautiful world of your own.

You don’t know how happy I am for you. This is such a big and important day and I am nothing but ecstatic. [mention your brother’s would-be wife’s name] is everything that I hoped to see in my brother’s wife.

You will truly be able to live a blessed life with her and will always be happy, I am sure. In fact, this is the first time you got a nice girl for yourself! All the girls whom you were with before weren’t meant for marriage. I still can’t believe how you dated them! 

[Mention your brother’s would-be wife’s name] is very different from them all. she is not just lovely but is a good soul as well. She takes care of our parents like her own and finds solutions to every problem. In short, she is just the opposite of you! she is too good for you [laughs]. But, on a serious note, starting from this day onwards, you will understand what the words responsibility, sacrifice, and patience means. 

Knowing you, I want to tell you something, in every married life, people face issues but then you just don’t leave the person for that and I hope you never leave her. Always try your best to understand her, apart from loving, caring, and supporting her.

She loves you very much, even more than how much you love her, and I know this, just by the way she looks at you. I know she will bear it all for you but never give her pain.

All the best bro,


[mention the name by which your brother calls you]

heartwarming letter to brother on wedding day

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Template: 3

Beautiful Letter to Brother on Wedding Day

Dear brother,

The day has come, when I will see you breaking so many hearts of beautiful babes out there and getting committed to one woman forever! Finally! You are getting married!

You and [mention your brother’s would-be wife’s name] have long been in a steady relationship and I am so happy for you that you decided to make it official today. She is the nicest girl I have ever met. She loves you, takes care of you, and forgives you every single time you make a mistake. Dating her for [mention the time period], she has even managed to put some sense into you.

I still remember the time when you were a lot more reckless than you are today. You used to live life on the edge and many times, I got scared for you, that you might end up doing something really wrong. The day [mention your brother’s would-be wife’s name] entered, starting from that very day, I could see little changes in you. She understood you and was always patient.

This is not just the biggest day in your life but it’s for us as well, your entire family. Seeing you married, starting your own life is all that we wanted and now that you will be a married man in no time, I hope you become more responsible and always take care of her, love her. She is a nice girl, [mention your brother’s name], see to it that she never suffers or becomes upset or ends up being alone.

I will always cheer for you guys and hope that you two live in peace and harmony forever.

Wish you a very happy and rocking married life ahead.

[mention your name]

beautiful letter to brother on wedding day

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Template: 4

Loving Letter to Brother on Wedding Day

To my little baby brother,

You are getting married today, has it got registered in your brain yet, or are you still finding it hard to believe [laughs]. It’s the day you have been waiting for and that too for a long time.

Jeez! You are such a romantic like that! You have always been a hopeless romantic, in fact, waiting to give your heart, dedicate your life to that perfect girl who will bring out the best in you, or so what you used to tell me always. But truly, [mention your brother’s would-be wife’s name] is the best decision of your life.

Though I am older than you by [mention the no. of years], you have taught me so many things and I am happy to have got such a sweetheart like you. I have always seen you be kind to others, help people and live a good life, your sweet, innocent smile is infectious and you have an undying optimism in you. You have always been a go-getter and have achieved all that you wanted to.

I am so happy for you that God has given you your dream woman and she is just the perfect match for you. She has always made sure to love you and be there with you in every decision.

It’s been just [mention the no. of years] that I have been married, but if I were to give you any advice on married life then I will just say, keep on loving each other till the time you breathe your last.

Always stay blessed and happy.

[mention your name]

loving letter to brother on wedding day

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