Letter to Cousin: 4 Templates

Template: 1

Letter to Cousin

My Dear [name of cousin],

I received your letter yesterday and I am feeling quite happy to know that you are doing fine in your studies and also taking care of your health. It was six months ago when I visited your house, I saw that you are suffering from jaundice and it was a matter of concern. Your mother, my aunt kept complaining that you had been taking too much of fast food items and had avoided meals prepared in your home by your mother.

I must tell you the truth that fast-food items are really not good for your health. Even though I used to have French fries, burgers, and sandwiches but these foods did not go well with my system and I had then suffered from stomach disorders. I too had been given hard time by my parents because of my wrong food habits.

I had to visit the doctor most often. Now everything is under control. Instead, I always eat different kinds of berries and apples in my daily diet and also make sure to have oats or barley every alternate day. 

You must go according to the diet prescribed by your diet. You should drink juice made from oranges and lemon and exclude tea or coffee. You must also make sure to not study till late hours. It will be stressful for you.

Try to relax as much as possible and listen to music whenever you are free from study and work. I am planning to visit your place this month and I will stay with you for a week. I think it will be a great time. 

In the meantime, make sure to follow my advice accordingly for your health. God Bless you and take care.

Be in touch!

Yours loving,

[mention your name]

letter to cousin

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Template: 2

Letter to My Favorite Cousin

Dear [ mention your cousin’s name],

I am writing this letter in concern to know about your progress in life. As you have got married last month, I am sure that you have adjusted with your husband and in-laws very well.

During your wedding, I was always beside you and I just remember how nervous you were to go up to the altar to say your vows of I do. But I must actually say that you were looking like a princess straight out from any fairy tale and your husband was indeed looking awesome.

Your husband, who is my brother-in-law right now, is actually a wonderful person. I just could make out on the engagement day that he is the right person for you. He will surely keep you happy all throughout your life.

One thing just offended me during the wedding is that he was returning the gift that I had given him. I requested him to keep the gift with him. It is a token of love from a sister-in-law.

I also reminded him about my wedding that is going to happen very soon and he can actually repay by giving me any gift during my wedding. I am pretty excited about my wedding also.

I believe that you will help me out with shopping for wedding gowns and jewelry. You must come soon along with my brother in law in this coming weekend and we can discuss then my wedding plans. 

I pray to God for a happy married life for both of you.

Take care !

From your loving sister,

[ ,mention your name]

letter to my favorite cousin

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Template: 3

Letter to Cousin Telling how Much I Miss Her

Dear [mention your cousin’s name],

It is really ungrateful of me that I had not been able to write a letter for the last [mention the number of months] months. In your letter, I noticed that you have been angry with me. I am sorry that I did not keep your promise to go to your place on [mention the date]. I was not doing it purposely.

Do not have this feeling that I have been neglecting you. I understand that there have been many mistakes on my part.

I could not write you any letter or call you to know how you are exactly doing. But I cannot actually express in words the way I had missed talking to you over the phone, sharing jokes and laughter and coming to your place, and having a fun time.

My favorite moments in your house are when we two of us watch those horror shows on the television in the late-night hours. We do have an awesome time during those hours by having midnight lunch secretly. These moments I always look for and I am really missing them.   

I had been pretty busy preparing for my exams. So, I could not write a letter to you to let you know how much I am missing you. But I will keep my promise this time by coming to your house and spending there with you for a month after my high school assessments are done.

I am looking for the exciting holidays ahead with you and having great fun, 

 Yours lovingly,

[mention your name]

letter to cousin telling how much i miss her

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Template: 4

Letter to Cousin Telling how Important She Is in My Life

My loving [mention your cousin’s name], 

You are [mention number of years] years younger than me. I saw you for the first time when you were in the hospital clinic on my maternal aunt’s lap. You were just two days old and you were actually in your playful mood.

I just cannot express the way I felt for you. You were very small, delicate and, light.  All of us were actually enjoying your arrival into this world. Luckily, I had my vacation at that point in time and so we all of us went to your place to stay for a month.

It was a great time for me to help my maternal aunt in changing the nappies for you and also play with you. Dear, you were indeed giving hard time to my aunt who was very confused at that point in time.

You were really a source of life then and now. As you have grown up to be a fully young girl, you look so beautiful dear, you are just like my daughter. But you are my cousin, I know that and you are the person whom I feel like doing all the best things.

As your birthday is getting closer, I have planning to buy the best dress and jewelry for you. This will be your [ mention cousin’s age] the birthday. You are not only important to me but also important to my daughter. She looks up to you as an inspiration.   

I would like to see you move forward and achieve the best things in life. 

Yours lovingly,

[mention your name]

letter to cousin telling how important she is in my life

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