Letter to Congratulate on Retirement – 7 Sample Formats

Retirement is a very emotional moment for the person who is leaving their job. As every person works of majority of their lives and hence while you get returned it is tough to adapt to a new routine but some people start their own ventures after they retire.

SO while writing a letter to someone who is getting retired tell them how their contributions added worth to the company and why are you going to miss them so much in the coming times.

Letter to Congratulate on Retirement

Letter to Congratulate on Retirement Sample 1

Dear Sofia,

I need to wish you the warmest congratulations to your retirement. I recognize that you’ll be leaving the workplace on 29th Feb 2020. I will miss your tremendous and enthusiastic attitude, due to the fact you usually stored me searching on the bright aspect of life.

Your awesome capacity to keep the group on undertaking in a superbly harmonious way is a good example of your professionalism and interest to detail. I truly desire we can live as much as your instance and keep with our new crew leader in an equal way, despite the fact that I doubt everyone has your infectious snort and desirable humor.

I realize retirement isn’t going to slow you down, so I won’t tell you to relax, and I wish you all the excellent to your new enterprise of environmental representative for production companies. Please preserve in contact and allow me to understand how you are doing with an email now and then. My cope with is [email protected] mail.Com. I’ll be watching your Facebook and Twitter pages in your news.

Congratulations once more for a job properly achieved in Name of Company.


Signature of Sender



Letter to Congratulate on Retirement Sample 2

Dear Brad,

Following thirty-five years of tireless provider to the York Institute, it is most effective right that I congratulate on a nicely-deserved retirement. I couldn’t be happier for you.

Many folks have seen you as a position model, and you have always been there to provide recommendations when it’s been sorely needed. The success of our workplace has been down to the work which you have positioned in, and all people will be sorry and sad to see you go away for the remaining time.

You need to realize which you have made lifelong friends here, and you have changed the Institute for the better.




Letter to Congratulate on Retirement Sample 3

Dear Jayne,

Congratulations in your retirement! You had been a committed and liked worker of the Media Rich Public Relations Company for 25 years and your collegial desirable spirit will clearly be missed. That said, as a colleague who has end up a friend, I’m happy you’ll now have greater time to spend with your family.

Enjoy your retirement and I cannot wait to hear what is subsequent for you!

Fond regards,



Letter to Congratulate on Retirement Sample 4

Dear Catherine,

Congratulations for your retirement from Helpful House Settlement Group. You have made this type of difference inside the lives of so many youngsters once they needed someone the maximum. You proved that it would not take a good deal to make a big effect in someone’s life.

It’s tremendous that you’ll keep helping others via your volunteer work and I applaud you to your efforts to present back.

We will all pass over your smiling face and desire that you will drop by to go to us if you have the time.

Best regards,



Letter to Congratulate on Retirement Sample 5

Dear Maria,

It’s very hard for me to jot down down my actual feelings to you as I am relinquishing from my put up on Friday. It’s very difficult to discover in nowadays and age to locate such a real and adorable friend who is is a complete blessing and on whom we can completely depend and trust. I am fortunate and blessed to have a partner such as you in my life.

Today I preference to concede you actualize that you are an admirable and incredible confidant and a special individual. You are no less than my mentor and idol.

It becomes extraordinary running with all people at the workplace, and I shall bear in mind all of the first-rate times. With all that I have learned, I can face all the demanding situations coming my way. My finest prayers and desires will constantly be with you. May you flourish and succeed in your life. I desire you a top-notch destiny ahead.

Please hold in touch constantly. I will miss operating with you.

Yours truly,



Letter to Congratulate on Retirement Sample 6

Dear Mr. Walters,

As you realize I am retiring from my position on twentieth of this month, it is getting difficult to express my feelings. Friends like you’re one of the rarest things within the world. You have constantly been dependable and trustworthy who’s usually there to support me in any problem. I take this opportunity to thank you and will let you recognise that you are the high-quality person on this earth.

I even have spent many exceptional moments with you which of them I will cherish forever. You are my strength, which inspires me to face any situation. I offer you all my pleasant desires to your paintings in addition to your future. May God provide you achievement and happiness for your life.

Your loving friend,

Paul M. Morris.


Letter to Congratulate on Retirement Sample 7

Dear Julia,

Congratulations on your befitting retirement. As considered one of our most affectionate and conscientious employees, you will be majorly longed for the workplace. The amusement catalog will not be the identical with out you.

Your positively believing factor of view and affluence of braveness and sturdiness have facilitated and made our enterprise an amiable and quality location to work. Your retirement is a loss to our company.

I turned into astounded at the tranquility with that you conducted your shows, undaunted with the aid of the skeptical feedback or cynical questions. I have tried to systemize my very own works, lectures, and displays after your demonstration. I desire I can do your popularity justice!

I hope to stay in touch and be a part of us for occasional social events. Have an exceptional retirement!

Yours Sincerely,


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