Supplier Suggestion Letter Template

Often, there comes a need to express your point of view to the supplier of some product or service to attract more customers. You must have to send the supplier a suggestion letter for that purpose.

Here we have enclosed some sample suggestion letters on that subject. You can easily take help from these letters and start writing your letter. When you compose this letter, you just need to include your name, designation, the name of your company or organization, the recipient’s name, and address.  

Letter Template: 1





Subject: letter of suggestion to supplier

Dear sir/madam

I am a [mention your designation] at [mention your company name], writing this letter to inform you that we have a suggestion that we believe would make shopping at your [mention store name] more attractive. We appreciate your desire to carry a wide variety of products at your store, but we believe that a slight reduction in variety could reduce congestion in the aisles and make many customers very happy. 

The congestion is distractive your customers, especially those who have difficulty reaching the high shelves or who need carts to carry their purchases. If a reduction in variety is not possible, I suggest that you move the advertising displays to the other sides of the store to free up more aisle space. We should keep our customers happy and to fulfill our customer’s needs is our duty.

If you have any further enquires, you can reach us at [mention phone number] or through an email [mention email address].


[Sender Name]

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