A Letter to decline Love Proposal due to Different Career Paths

Hello, Full name,

Hope your day is going great!

I am overwhelmed that you wrote to me last evening. The letter was filled with love and brimming with emotions and it breaks my heart to write a reply to you. I dont think that I ever expressed any willingness for live relationships in my life for a couple of years. As you must be knowing that I am proceeding towards a very demanding career and hence I dont think I am ready for any other commitments right now.

Though I definitely have a soft corner for you but for love I can’t give you time and promises because I myself dont have any surety about how my future will take a turn . You are an extremely nice and caring guy and all the moments that we have spent together are very dear to me and I will cherish the evenings that we have spent together. But please lets just be friends and I will be anyways moving out very soon for my next job role.

I hope you understand my feelings and don’t take it in any wring sense.


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