Auditor Appointment Letter Template

An auditor is a person who is hired by a firm or person to execute an audit. Auditor appointment letters are essential as they serve as proof from a specific firm approving of the respective auditor.

Letter Template: 1

A Letter For Appointment Of Auditor

[Your Name]

[Your Company]

[Your Address]

Sub:- Appointment of Auditor

Dear [Name of the Applicant]

We are pleased to inform you that in the board meeting that was held this morning, after much thinking, board members decided to give the position of auditor to [name of the concerned person] for the financial period from [current year] to [ end year of his period].

We have come to this decision after seeing the dedication and loyalty of [name of the concerned person], and he/she is expected to work in the best interests of the company. He/ she should always report to the manager at the asked time and should always be punctual and loyal in what he/she does.

The details and the required information will be given to [name of the concerned person] by our manager tomorrow positively. He/she is requested to be present at our office at [ concerned time] to get the knowledge of his/her work and to have an office tour. 

We hope that [name of the concerned person] will not disappoint us and will show the best version of him/her. He/ she is expected to keep the reputation of the company and to work hard. 

Thanking You,

[Your name]

letter for appointment of auditor

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