External Auditor Recommendation Letter: Templates

Here we have already posted many sample letters regarding various topics; now, in the below letters, we have included the topic of the recommendation letter for the external auditor. If you want to write such a letter, just follow our below letters properly.

Here we have discussed all the points that should be mentioned in your letter. While writing, you must have to mention the all points which we mention here you can also add some words to explain your views.

Template: 1

External Auditor Recommendation Letter


(Name of the correspondent)

(Address of the sender) 

(Mention designation)

(Company Name)



(Name of the recipient)

(Address of the recipient) 

(Mention designation)

(Company Name)

Subject- Recommendation Letter for The External Auditor. 

Dear [mention addressee’s name], 

I am at this moment writing this letter to recommend (mention recommendation name) for the position of an external auditor at (mention company name).

I have had the opportunity to work with (him/her) for the past few years in various industries as an auditor and have been consistently impressed with (his/her) knowledge, attention, efficiency, and ability to get things done within a specified time. 

As an external auditor (mention name) has recently worked directly with us at our main branch.

During his tenure as an external auditor, he was mainly responsible for performing audits in accordance with specific rules and laws regarding the financial records of a company, government entity, or other authorized entity, reporting audit findings, and recommending enhancements.

(She/he) is an exceptional communicator with an analytical mind and has exceptional attention to the small details. I believe that (mention name) would be an extraordinary addition to your company’s accounts department.

I have been overwhelmed with (his/her) energy to perform under stressful situations and professional skills. In conclusion, I would highly recommend (mention name), (his/her) position in my workgroup has helped us reach new heights. 

Please don’t hesitate to call me at (mention your contact details) regarding any information to strengthen (his/her) candidacy for the position of an external auditor.

(She/he) has a special spark in (his/her) eyes, and I trust he will go far (he/she) to make this world a better place.

Thank you. 

Yours sincerely,

(Mention name) 

(Signature of the sender) 

external auditor recommendation letter

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Template: 2

External Auditor Recommendation Letter

[Your Name]
[Your Title/Position]
[Your Organization]
[City, State, ZIP]
[Email Address]
[Phone Number]

[Recipient’s Name]
[Recipient’s Title/Position]
[Recipient’s Organization]
[City, State, ZIP]

Subject: Recommendation for [Candidate’s Name] as an External Auditor

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I am writing this letter to highly recommend [Candidate’s Name] for a position as an external auditor within your organization. Having had the privilege of working closely with [Candidate’s Name] at [Company/Organization] for [duration of time], I can confidently attest to their exceptional skills, professionalism, and dedication to delivering high-quality audit services.

[Candidate’s Name] is an outstanding professional with a deep understanding of auditing principles, standards, and practices. Their extensive knowledge and expertise in financial accounting, risk assessment, internal control evaluation, and regulatory compliance have consistently impressed both clients and colleagues alike. I have witnessed firsthand how [Candidate’s Name] approaches each audit engagement with meticulous attention to detail, thoroughness, and integrity.

One of the key strengths of [Candidate’s Name] is their ability to quickly grasp complex financial concepts and analyze intricate business transactions. They possess excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, allowing them to identify potential risks, deficiencies, and areas of improvement. [Candidate’s Name] is highly proficient in utilizing audit software and tools to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the audit process.

Beyond technical competence, [Candidate’s Name] excels in building strong professional relationships and effectively communicating audit findings. They have a remarkable ability to engage with clients and stakeholders at all levels, fostering trust and open communication. [Candidate’s Name] is known for their exceptional written and oral communication skills, consistently delivering well-structured and concise audit reports that provide clear and actionable recommendations.

Furthermore, [Candidate’s Name] demonstrates exceptional project management abilities, effectively coordinating audit teams, and ensuring timely completion of assignments. They are skilled in organizing and prioritizing tasks, managing multiple engagements simultaneously, and meeting strict deadlines. [Candidate’s Name] consistently exhibits a proactive and collaborative approach, leading and guiding their team members to achieve outstanding results.

[Candidate’s Name]’s professional conduct and ethical standards are exemplary. They adhere to the highest principles of integrity, objectivity, and independence, ensuring that audits are conducted with the utmost professionalism and in full compliance with regulatory requirements. [Candidate’s Name] consistently upholds the reputation and credibility of the auditing profession.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend [Candidate’s Name] as an external auditor. Their exceptional technical skills, professionalism, attention to detail, and strong interpersonal abilities make them an outstanding candidate for any auditing role. I am confident that [Candidate’s Name] will bring significant value to your organization and deliver audit services of the highest caliber.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at [email address] or [phone number] if you require any further information or would like to discuss [Candidate’s Name]’s qualifications in more detail. Thank you for considering [Candidate’s Name] for this position.


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