School Counselor Job Offer Letter Templates


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Dear Sir or Ma’am,

Sub: Job offer letter for the position of school counselor.

We are pleased to offer you the position of school counselor at our school or institute (mention the name of the school or institute) which is at (mention the location of the school or institution). We feel confident that you will be the best fit for a school counselor. 

Your responsibilities as a school counselor will be to guide the development and implement a competitive school counseling program that focuses on and promotes students’ success.

Valuing and responding to the diversity and individual differences of students. Also, to ensure equitable access to opportunities and a rigorous curriculum for all students. Providing direct support service through structure conventions. Evaluating areas of strength and advocate conventions. 

Your responsibility will be to provide groups or individual responsive services. Collaborating and consulting with parents, teachers, parents and community organizations, and other stakeholders. Perform assessments, interpret tests, and study student records. Gathering and analyzing data to measure outputs. Completing regular reports on programs. 

As per our requirements, you should have experience in this field and advocacy skills. Working knowledge of various counseling models, resources, and practices. Engaging interpersonal skills and excellent communication skills. You should also have the ability to collect and analyses information. Should know computer. You should have sound judgment and emotional intelligence.

Please have a look at the attached document, which mentioned your salary and benefits, and please sign where indicated and return to us and by keeping a copy with you. This procedure will confirm your acceptance of this job offer.

For any further questions or details, please feel free to contact me on my contact number (mention the contact number of the sender) or you can email me at (mention the email id of the sender).

Thank you very much for your precious time.

Yours sincerely, 

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