Job Offer Letter For Pharmacy Technician


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Dear Sir Ma’am,

Subject: Job offer letter for the position of a Pharmacy Technician

We are extremely delighted to offer you the position of a Pharmacy Technician at [state company’s and organization’s name]. Your interview held on [state the date] was very impressive, we liked the way you presented yourself aptly for this job, we feel that this company will do great having you onboard, your skills and accuracy in answering our questions were exceptional. We look forward to working with you alongside.

Your duties as a Pharmacy Technician will be screening prescription orders to see if they are precise and whole, preparing prescriptions and even weighing, measuring, and mixing medications calculating the number of different components in the medicines, working on medicines that can treat cancer and other chronic diseases.

You might have to help in investigation related drug studies; you will have to keep a count of the patients on a daily basis and package medicines and take care of orders placed. You will have to be vigilant at all times and keep track of every medicine in store.

As your first salary, you will be receiving [state the amount] by the end of every month. You will receive it through [state the mode] mode, moreover, you will enjoy certain benefits provided by the company like [state them]. For making things more convenient for you we will provide you with a transport allowance and a laptop to maintain records of medicines and patients. 

It should be noted that your job completely depends on the contract with the company, which can be considered void once your term of work is over and you might be asked to vacate your position in the company.

Keeping in mind these terms and conditions if you feel you would like to take up this job, please send in a signed letter by [state the date], you can keep a copy of this letter for future reference. Once we receive your signed letter, we will mail you the joining date.

We will be happy to have you working for our company. For any further questions, you can text us at [state the e-mail address] or call us on [state the number].

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely,

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