Heart-Warming Happy Birthday Letter: 4 Templates

Birthdays are special for everyone and people celebrate this day in various different ways like by partying, traveling, spending time with loved ones and whatnot.

Your friends will likely have a birthday soon, and you would want to wish them in the best possible way. One of the ways is writing a personal letter to the person whose birthday is coming. In this letter, you must include birthday wishes, regards, and wishes for the whole year.

You can also send gifts along with this, and this letter will give a personal touch to your feelings.

You will be wishing your friend on his birthday. You will be sharing about how special he is to you. You can highlight how birthdays are incredible for anyone. You will be encouraging him about what kind of positive things he can actually do this year.

You can also advise about how he can gain maturity but not old. You can also appreciate the way he looks from the very first day you met.

Letter Template: 1

Happy Birthday Letter

Dear Megan, 

Happiest birthday, closest companion! I need to wish you exceptionally warm congrats on your very special day and offer me all the best for the same, a lot increasingly incredible birthdays to come in your future. 

I trust this specific birthday is the best one ever for you. Knowing you, you most likely have a rundown of energizing things wanted to do this year so as to praise it with your superb family. 

Remember this: while everyone proceeds to grow old, not every person grows up! Sounds like me and you, isn’t that so? At whatever point I have to place a speedy grin all over, I simply consider all the great occasions we’ve shared.

You look as youthful and delightful as the primary day I met you. Did you find the ‘wellspring of youth’? 

Likewise, I need to thank you for being there for me this previous year when I truly required assistance. In any case, that is the thing that companions are for, and you’re amazing. It would be ideal if you realize that I will consistently be there for you as well. 

Here’s to wishing you a long, sound, and prosperous life my companion! 

Once more, upbeat birthday.



happy birthday letter

Letter Template: 2

Happy Birthday Letter

My sweetheart,

On this exceptional day, I need you to feel like the most joyful individual on the planet. I need you to get all the great bay windows, regardless of whether they originate from the Moon, the Sun, or different stars. 

I need to feel your body and your spirit lit, with no indication of hatred or trouble. I need to feel light in you. I need to feel that you are taking in harmony and serenity, engrossing all the great scents of nature, for instance, the scents of eucalyptus, blackberries, peaches, and pineapples. 

On this glad day – for you as well as for the world (since you make it progressively delightful and splendid) – I wish that everything you could ever hope for materialize.

Regardless of whether things set aside some effort to occur, have tolerance, in light of the fact that not everything consistently occurs at the speed, we might want them to. 

Along these lines, realize that I wish you an upbeat year. I will consistently be close to you, considering you, thinking about you, and helping you in all that you need. Get my kisses, embraces, and my longing for endless joy. 

With all my love,

happy birthday letter

Letter Template: 3

Happy Birthday Letter

My dear,

For what reason did you need to be so far away from directly on your birthday? That is evil! Be that as it may, I know it’s not your shortcoming, and we will beat the separation that is keeping us separated at the present time. I need you to realize that when you return, I’ll be sitting tight for you with great enthusiasm and heart since I love you to the extreme! 

Rocking Birthday! It truly is a disgrace that you’re so far away on this big day, for I might want to be near you, fill you with kisses, and toast this glad day. I miss you a great deal, yet I realize this time you’re spending outside land will present to you a ton of benefits and joy. 

The significant explanation behind sending you this letter is to cause you to feel needed and adored on this specific day. To the extent I’m concerned, I’m certain I will realize how to persevere through the torment of this transitory partition, for I have trust in you, I have trust in my affection, in your adoration, in our adoration!

I realize this adoration is greater and more grounded than a huge number of miles among us, and when you return, I’m certain we’ll realize how to compensate for this time of nonappearance. 

My dear, on your birthday, renews your quality and confidence throughout everyday life; consequently, you’ll have the option to arrive at all your objectives, to turn into an effective individual in each field, and be everlastingly upbeat. On my side, I need you to consistently depend on me since I love you! 

Once more, have an incredible birthday. With a kiss from yours



happy birthday letter

Letter Template: 4

Happy Birthday Letter

Happy Birthday, my friend

Despite the fact that we are not blood sisters, to me, you resemble one, or should I say, you are my soul sister. You merit it since you have consistently been there to help me in all that I required; you are the person who has been consistent with me to make me giggle even on awful occasions helping me to pass and push ahead. 

I am thankful to the Lord during the current year of life. He has enabled you to appreciate on the grounds that he has set you in my way and kept us together as usual. 

I want this year to be loaded with joy and accomplishment for you. Proceed onward despite the challenges which emerge in your manner, be that as it may, recollect that I’m close by to keep you on and abstain from feeling terrible. 

There are times that I begin to consider what might have occurred in the event that you would not be with me. There are numerous individuals around us, yet nobody is like you, who understands me so well. There is no individual who cheers with me as you do, who doesn’t censure me and cause me to feel terrible. 

I need you to be cheerful, and I will never leave you. I trust you accomplish every one of your objectives and goals for your life, don’t stop for a second to approach me for anything you have to accomplish in light of the fact that I’m here to help you all through. 

I trust you go through a superb day with the individuals who welcome you. I am glad to go through it with you, and I trust a lot more birthdays to come to commend them together.

I thank you for giving me your true fellowship, dear companion. Congrats, on making the most of your day since you merit it. I love you a great deal.

happy birthday letter


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