Condolence Letter to Friend: 4 Sample Templates

In moments of grief, it is very important for us to stand by our near and dear ones. There are times when something really unfortunate happens like the death if a close relative, losing something very precious and that’s when a person’s emotional level goes down.

So it is very nice that if you cannot meet that person face to face, write to them your feelings and how you emphasize with them. You should always extend your support to someone who is in need. Write a heartfelt letter for them and if you are in doubt follow the samples given below

Letter Template: 1

Hello Rebecca,

I recently got to know about the demise of your grandmom. I know you must be a pain as she was really important to you.

Being your neighbor and your classmate I got to spend a lot of time with her and I know what a jolly lady she was. She inspired all of us to dream and achieve as she herself worked till very late in her life not for money but for her own satisfaction.

I know in the last two years her health deteriorated a lot and I met her last at the Christmas party and she still was so happy, hiding her pain behind that beautiful smile. I really wish that I got to see her once last time but due to some unavoidable circumstances I couldn’t come. I know this is a very tough time for you but trust me, friend, it will pass and she always wanted you to be happy.

Wherever she must be, she must be looking at you so move on with your dreams and keep her lessons with you. They will take you to success. I will be soon back in the city and then we can plan something to be done in her memory like planting trees or some donation to the needy people. Till then take care and remember I am always there for you.


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Letter Template: 2

Hello Chris,

The demise of your mother reached me very late as I was offshore for the last 1 month. This event has shaken me to the core she was one of my dearest friends.

We both were school friends and even after school, we were in touch with each other as we were planning things for the senior citizen club. Even when she crossed 50 years, she was extremely energetic and was full of ambitions and that is what kept our plans going on.

She used to talk a lot about you as she had high hopes for you. When the last time we met, she shared to me about your achievement in the science exhibition in the school and I could see on her face how proud was she. I would like to say son that she wished a lot for you and in order to keep her soul happy don’t stop.

I know the grief of losing her is way too much but to come out of it for her sake is more important for you.

Always remember that you have us by your side for anything and everything you need. I will be shortly coming to school so that I talk to your teachers about you and what can we do in order to cover the days you lost after her demise. Don’t worry I will be taking care of you as a guardian because she was like a sister to me.

In all the sorrows we are with you and will forever be our family so buck up, life is huge and you have a lot of things to do for her. Her dreams are now yours. Work for them and may God rest her soul in peace.



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Letter Template: 3

Hello Greta,

I hope that you are doing good and recovering fast.

I recently met one of our mutual friends and got to know about your health conditions. It is a matter of great concern because I have always known you as someone who is a health freak and then suddenly you suffer from a rare condition in which the body stops producing white blood cells eventually losing immunity.

But as you have known that medicinal sciences have advanced a lot in the last one decade and hence I feel that you will be cured soon, though there will be after-effects but don’t worry, we are always there for you and I am actually thinking of now accompanying you to the doctor’s clinics and when you have your appointment so that if there is any need, I can take care of it as soon as possible.

You have always stood by me no matter what situation it was so it is time for me to stand by you as a friend.

Don’t worry whatever will happen we will be together in all that and I will make sure that the recovery happens fast. You are a strong lady and this is just a test of your strength.

Take care Iron lady!



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Letter Template: 4

Hello Tim,

I know things are tough at the present moment but trust me brother this is just a phase.

While we were growing up, I learned dedication and commitment from you and I know in this moment of tension and helplessness when the whole country is growing through the economic crisis you will be able to manage to secure a job again. 

It is just a phase when everyone is just trying to cut off their expenses so this doesn’t mean you arent any less talented or someone is not looking for any new people in the team. You are a great resource for any organization and this your last teams have said and hence with the help of reference letters, it will be easy for you to get a new one.

Meanwhile, if you have any economic crisis in your personal life, I am always there to help you out, and trust me this shall pass too.

Take care brother


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